Nothing Lasts Forever

And I believe, even the sadness and emptiness will come to an end eventually. Cheers! :)

Photographed by : Gladys
Edited by : me

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Joy Ride

Working in a magazine have inadvertently forced me to be a well-organized person, although in fact, I'm quite the clumsy one. As you all might know, I work as a fashion assistant and assisting a fashion shot is one of my job desk. Aside of the complexity of the preparation, I must admit I'm pretty much having fun during the process, especially the outdoor one. This one was took after an outdoor shot at a local horse-breeding. Yep, the #ootd part is my favorite, haha!

See you soon!

Photographed by : kak Media
Edited by : me

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Hi guys!

Thought I wanna share to you what's in my ears currently strarting this month, or maybe I'll do it weekly. It depends on my mood, haha! I'm not quite a remix lover but sometimes I love to hear my fav songs got remixed like this one by whitepandamusic. I love Latch in any kind of remix! I couldn't find the full version of some songs, uhm, sorry for that. So yeah, hope you enjoy these picks! Do let me know if one of these is your faves, ok!

See you!

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Back to The Hometown Again!

So excited about this since I've been dying to meet my family and old friends and now, here I am! I'll be here for quite long, like, for (almost) two weeks. I don't have particular plans as to how to spend this holiday, but if you ask me what I wanna do most that would be karaoke-ing with my fellas. Oh I'm so dying to do this 'show' thing, with the mic on my hand and all those spotlights in that dark, small room, haha. Have to wait till the Eid Mubarak celebration days are over tho, because all the karaoke places here are closed temporarily due to the celebration, but that's okay. I'm a patient singer! LOL. 

And oh, btw...

Happy Eid Mubarak to those who celebrate! May the new year brings you a good luck!

Photographed by : Puji
Edited by : Me

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This Is Me Anyway

The last time I went to Colette and Lola was two years ago... I guess? Last Sunday I stumbled again upon this place with my #ootd buddies, Olel and Puji. It was all started because we were looking for a place to take shots for my upcoming #ootd competition held by singer Andien Aisyah and Berlian Entertainment. The 3rd round's theme is Mixed Color, so I encouraged myself to wear these tights and.... I like it! I think I should have consider to wear bright tights more often because it simply make your outfit pops up! Oh, how I wish I could win this thing and get the ticket to her upcoming concert this September.. I want it so baaad!

See you on the next post! 

Photographed by :  Olel and Puji
Edited by : Me

And oh, we also went to Pong! Me for dinner :D

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