Monochrome Takeover

 I want my world to be painted in monochrome. The shades of a single color called YOU.

- Steffi Santa -

Two weeks more till the fasting month over and I'm so excited for the long holiday, wohoo!! My articles for the next issue has 90% been done and I almost feel like I don't know what to do! What are you doing in your free time? I, myself, prefer to writing on my blog :)

These culottes from Trick N Tricky are one of the comfiest bottoms I've ever had. I've told you, I'm in love with culottes! And not to mention that I've ended up buying some stuff I borrowed for photoshoot lately, including this high neck knitted top from EST, Bandung. I've been searching for a loose, high neck top since ages ago and this is just the perfect one!

Photographed by : Gladys, Arum and me
Edited by : me

  hat - LM for Hardware | high neck top - EST Bandung | striped culottes - Trick N Tricky | boots - Dinodirect


Current Wish List

Hey, all! Today I'm gonna share with you my current obsession. Well, maybe forever obsession because to be honest, I cannot live without wearing outer for long. Whether it's a statement one or just a simple cardigan, I bet you guys are also addicted to this fashion item, right? There's no exception actually because here we often wear what we like no matter how the weather is. Haha. So here are some of the item from Dresslink that are currently on my wish list :)

Winter Long Jacket, click here.
- loooove the boyfriend cut and the mint color is just everything! -

Casual Blend Coat, click here.
- long coat with sporty collar? yes! -

Wool Blend Coat, click here.
- I've always wanted a blush coat -

Sweatshirt Trench Coat, click here.
- who doesn't love the collar detail, not to mention the sporty sleeve detail! -

Oversized Coat, click here.
- I need one knitted baby like this. I just do! -

Leather Sleeve Coat, click here.
- this is just so rad! gives us that bad ass look! -


Last December

This outfit was actually shot December last year when I went back to my hometown. It was after Christmas when I went to Center Point Mall with mom and Cellia, my sister. I had this skirt gave to me when I visited my auntie in Bontang, Kalimantan, on my first days of being a fresh graduate. Felt so much like a flamenco girl when I put this skirt on. Btw I've always been a big fan of girly stuff and killer boots combo, so no wonder I quickly get this look done by the time I saw both at my closet :)

Photographed by : Cellia
Edited by : Me

top and bag - thrift store | army green outer - stolen from sister | houndstooth skirt - gift | lace up boots - Lasenora


Wish and Want

Sometimes I wish I have the ability to control the weather. Like, when you want to wear your favorite knit and need some chill, you can make it. And you can wear it as long as you want. Haha.

I just realized that my bottom collection is mostly dominated with the blue color. And by that I mean, I love it! But I might need to invest in some white and pink bottoms like skirts or culottes, because hey, we, girls, will never get enough on clothes! Am I righttt???

Happy weekend btw!

Photographed by : Sarah
Edited by : Me

striped shirt - thrift store | sweater - EST Bandung | beanie - Sarah's | skirt - stolen from sister | printed socks - Sox Gallery | buckle lace up boots - Lasenora 


Getting To IKEA

Sorry for getting you loaded with bunch of these pictures. Was too excited to finally be able to go to IKEA after such a long time, haha. I bought some stuff to decor my room while Gladys, well, she's a bit confused because there were too much options of cute things there and ended up buying double (not all stuff, tho)! We ate the super cheap ice cream and hot dog (only $10 for one package!) and then took some outfit pictures after that. What a day!

Photographed by : Gladys and me
Edited by : Me

A bit of IKEA tour...

... and some more outfit pictures :p

turtleneck top - and pleated midi skirt - thrift store | scuba bomber jacket - Etclo | white sling bag and patent sneakers - ZALORA | socks - Sox Gallery