90s Obsession

Just some snapshots me and Gladys took about a few weeks ago (oupss.. sorry for the delay!). We went to RAD Fashion Show which was organized by Fashion TV Indonesia at one of the malls in Jakarta. Honestly I didn't have any intention to wear bunch of colors at that time so I went with neutrals for my outfit. Since I was kinda obsessed of being a 90s babe that day, I then decided to wear this cropped top along with the midi skirt, boots and the backpack. I know I know, you probably are bored seeing this bag because I've been wearing it over and over for the past few weeks. But I just can't resist it. I'm in love!!

Anywaaay.. red lipsticks rockkk!!

Photographed by : Gladys
Edited by : Me

With my hippest blogger fellas at the show. From left to right : Ines, Valerie, Gabriella Olivia, Chrisnawati Novia, Sartob, me, Tania, Novarina.

Picture courtesy of Novarina.

cropped top - Forever 21 | thrifted jacket - Pasar Senen (Jakarta) | thrifted skirt - Pasar Melati (Medan) | hat - LM for Hardware | bag - Newlook | boots - Loubelle Shop (Bandung)


Rustic Industrial

Lately I found myself love to enjoying pictures of room decorated with black pipes and wooden furnitures whilst browsing through the web, which some people may call as the rustic industrial decor. It's just so fun to see the contrast between industry's roughness and the sweetness of the vintage wooden furnishings. And that's why when I see these pipes at one of the parking lots of a mall I couldn't help myself for not taking some shots there.

Outfit of the day was this Uniqlo black shirt from their collaboration with Ines De La Fressange paired with the denim pants I bought at the local thrift store somewhile ago. Also got excited to put on my new necklace from my sweet fella, Sabila Anata. She's just lauched her new craft store : Quatre Craft. Come check out her store for some cute artsy crafts here!

Photographed by : Atjil
Edited by : Me

With my ootd buddies, Atjil and Gladys! :)

And this is another cool stuff I got from Quatre Craft, the sketch book! Have I told you that I love to make some little sketches/doodlings sometimes? Well, now you know!

black shirt - Uniqlo feat Ines De La Fressange | cape - EverySingleDay | mom jeans (denim pants) - Pasar Senen (local thrift store) | bag - Newlook | necklace - Quatre Craft | rings and bracelets - H&M | shoes - Lasenora



So happy to welcome this new floral pullover (click here) from Persunmall to my wardrobe along with another thrifted treasures I got from Pasar Senen last week, including this pinafore. I love pinafores. They're like the cutest thing ever! The fact that I only had one piece in my wardrobe kinda surprised me tho. And that's why I picked this one at thrift store last week without any doubt (also got another one in black which reminds me of Lorde a bit, hehe). 

I was wearing this outfit on last Sunday and suddenly felt like I was 10 years younger. See? Pinafores make me feel cuter (duh!). My hallucination of being a little kid at the day was getting obvious when me and my friends passed by this colorful bricks at a mall. You see the colors? I felt like being in my own (childhood) world! Haha.

So what did you wear on Sunday? How did you feel about your outfit? Tell me about it I would love to hear! ;)

Photographed by : Gladys
Edited by : me


floral pullover - Persunmall | pinafore - Pasar Senen (Jakarta thrift store) | bag - Stradivarius | unbranded headband | boots - Pasar Sambu (Medan thrift store)


The Outburst

I don't always play with double prints when it comes to dressing up, but this time I really was into the mood for it. I found these outwears hung together on my clothes hanger and that was the time I realized how cool they were jointly.

I think all the monochromatic prints will always look good together. So if you are about to apply this clashing prints trend on you (especially for the first time), you can start with these basic colors such as black and white if you don't want to look excessive. And FYI, pairing big printed item with the small printed ones always works! Just like what I did :)

Photographed by : Gladys
Edited by : Me

outermost outwear - PICNIC | inner outwear - thrift store | top - Ebay | pleated skirt - Kivee | necklace - Forever 21 | bag - Stradivarius | biker boots - Aniaki 


Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2014

Watching Java Jazz Festival is one of things I've been wanting to do ever since I made my mind to live in Jakarta one day. And finally, there I was! With my bestfriend, Gladys, we went to this uber cool event back then in February. It was the 10th year edition of JJF and we were so excited to visit shows of our favorite artists. Well, waaaay too excited!

But firstly first, here are the details of my outfit of the day!

Photographed by : Gladys 
Edited by : Me

hat - LM for Hardware | furry top, skeleton necklace & backpack - New Look | pants - Yuan (ITC Mangga Dua) | boots - Aniaki (IG : @aniaki_id)

The first show we watched was Tulus. I had never seen him directly like that soo.. I was a bit exaggerating and took too much pictures of him (yeah, I'm a fan girl!). And of course I enjoyed every single moment of him singing on stage! 

And here came the surprise... Raisa! I'm a fan of hers too. They sang John Legend's All of Me and it was sooo beautiful and sweet 

We also watched Dira Sugandi. She is one of a kind!

And finally... Incognito! The last show we watched before heading back to home because we were already too tired and sleepy, haha. 

And that's a wrap!

Have a great day, everybody! 

Photographed by : Me
Edited by : Me