All Those New Things

Currently having a quite long holiday (10 days, yeay!) and coming back to my hometown to see family and friends. After leaving Medan (my hometown) for like 6 months, I gotta say I was kinda surprised with its changes. Not much, tho, but the new malls, the grown trees, the damaged street that has been fixed and other new things I found kinda make me feel in such a different ambiance. And I love it!

Sorry for the bad pictures. This is just a quick update!

Photographed by : Tibby
Edited by : Me

choker - L.I.N.F | top - Pink Label | mom jeans - Pasar Senen (local thrift store) | bag - Prada | chunky sandals - Lasenora


Assembly Point

Another cropped jacket I found at Senen. What can I say? I am smitten! 

Btw, I've been enjoying my busy life lately soo.. pardon me for the lack updates! Didn't mean to abandon this blog since it is a part of my life. Thank God it's holiday already (at least for me!), so I have more spare time now, which means I can make updates on the blog more often.

*And waking up late EVERYDAY, of course. Wohooo!!*

Photographed by : Eka
Edited by : Me

cropped jacket & plaid midi dress - Senen (local thrift store) | bracelet worn as necklace - H&M | chunky sandals - Lasenora

Somewhile Ago

Office's rooftop is the best.

Photographed by : Atjil
Edited by : Me


The Roseate Petal

If I were asked, what is my must-have fashion staple, it's gonna be jackets/outers. I recently - and accidentally - have collected the cropped ones from Senen (a local thrift store). 

Can't. Get. Enough.

Photographed by : Gladys
Edited by : Me

floral vintage top, pink biker jacket and slit skirt - thrift store (Pasar Senen - Jakarta) | bag - gift from mom | shoes - Lasenora 


Just A Random Quote

DIY beanie - Gogirl!'s props | outer & skirt - thrift store | jumper - bonus from Gogirl! Magazine Birthday Issue | chained loafers - New Look