Hi, I'm back!

Saw these pictures before I got my current haircut and I think I should post it before it's too late!

By the way, I've seen same hour and minute repeatedly since about three weeks ago : 05.05, 06.06, 07.07, and so on, either on my phone clock, tv, or any digital clock. It happens almost like everyday too. Just wondering what is going on. Does any of you know the meaning of it?

Photographed by : Irvan Bormeda
Edited by : Me

top & skirt - thrift store | bag - Stradivarius | necklace - Urban Label | shoes - Dheyshushoes


All Those New Things

Currently having a quite long holiday (10 days, yeay!) and coming back to my hometown to see family and friends. After leaving Medan (my hometown) for like 6 months, I gotta say I was kinda surprised with its changes. Not much, tho, but the new malls, the grown trees, the damaged street that has been fixed and other new things I found kinda make me feel in such a different ambiance. And I love it!

Sorry for the bad pictures. This is just a quick update!

Photographed by : Tibby
Edited by : Me

choker - L.I.N.F | top - Pink Label | mom jeans - Pasar Senen (local thrift store) | bag - Prada | chunky sandals - Lasenora


Assembly Point

Another cropped jacket I found at Senen. What can I say? I am smitten! 

Btw, I've been enjoying my busy life lately soo.. pardon me for the lack updates! Didn't mean to abandon this blog since it is a part of my life. Thank God it's holiday already (at least for me!), so I have more spare time now, which means I can make updates on the blog more often.

*And waking up late EVERYDAY, of course. Wohooo!!*

Photographed by : Eka
Edited by : Me

cropped jacket & plaid midi dress - Senen (local thrift store) | bracelet worn as necklace - H&M | chunky sandals - Lasenora

Somewhile Ago

Office's rooftop is the best.

Photographed by : Atjil
Edited by : Me


The Roseate Petal

If I were asked, what is my must-have fashion staple, it's gonna be jackets/outers. I recently - and accidentally - have collected the cropped ones from Senen (a local thrift store). 

Can't. Get. Enough.

Photographed by : Gladys
Edited by : Me

floral vintage top, pink biker jacket and slit skirt - thrift store (Pasar Senen - Jakarta) | bag - gift from mom | shoes - Lasenora