Photographed by : Puri 
Edited by : me

I don’t know why I haven’t get myself on a road trip before. I do want it, but maybe I didn’t want it so bad until I looked at my Instagram posts and realized, all I have posted was only the #ootd pictures, #wefies and cute little things I liked at the moment. So I started to follow some Instagram accounts whose feed is all about nature and recommendations of the cool places to go. But with your job as a fashion assistant in a magazine, it was not quite easy to get a day off, and making a road trip plan without mates won’t work at all. So all I can do at the moment was just finding the nearest place to go, which doesn’t require a long trip. That’s how I came up with the idea of going to Kebun Raya Bogor with some of my friends! 

Usually people would like to go to that side where you can enjoy the green view with all the trees and ponds around you, but me and my friends were obsessed with this cactus garden. How could not we love it? I mean, there are so many cute creatures grow in there and I feel like I was living in Mexico! I wish I wore a tacky dress with little pompoms on it. We’ve spent the rest of the day wandering around the garden, sitting under the tress and having a little chat after taking some pictures, and when the sun goes down we decided to go back home. It was a fun and refreshing experience, really. One thing that I note to myself that, you don’t always have to go far far away to experience new things and having fun. But still, when you have enough time and money, you should consider to have a road trip tho. Hahaha.

beret - Stroberi | lennon glasses - gift | layered necklace - Mata Mata | high neck top and jacket - Pasar Senen (local thrift store) | hi waist jeans - New Look | round bag - somewhere at Lake Toba market | monk strap shoes - TOPSHOP

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JAKARTA FASHION WEEK 2016 - #ootd Day 1

Hey all!

Last week I went to Jakarta Fashion Week to make a coverage about it. Yes, you know, one of the perks of working in media is that you'll be able to get the free pass to go there. Going to Jakarta Fashion Week has been one of my lifetime wish and I am feeling lucky because I got a chance to attend it, for the second time! Last year was hectic and a bit complicated because it was my furst time, but this year I've been able to manage the schedule and make the priority to go to certain shows. And of course, this time I went with my fellow reporter friend, so we kinda work together to make the coverage.

top - thrift store | skirt - PICNIC | bag - Zalora |necklace - Antykbutyk | polkadot tights - H&M | shoes - Avocado Shoes

Photographed by : Juls
Edited by : Me
Sneaked out awhile to see my friend Lulut with my fellow blogger friend at Cita Cinta Changelebration as part of Jakarta Fashion Week 2016 show. She was awesome!



Last week, me and my friends managed to do a little photoshoot with the theme "OUT OF COMPETITION", where we dressed the model in sporty and school kinda girl, with a little twist of Korean girl inspired makeup. Although it was the first time I met Gredy and Marcella, turned out we had such a great time during the photoshoot. And they're such fun people! Everybody here was having the important part and I am glad Clairine asked me to join the party. 

Looking forward for the next project! 

Because finally I was able to spend my day off in such productive way. Haha.

Photographed by : Gredy Xu
Model : Clairine Antonio
Makeup  & Hair Do by : Marcella Novianty
Styled by : Yours truly
Wardobe by : me and PICNIC



I finally managed to make an update on this blog. A weekend should be a productive day! Although I cannot help myself to skip cleaning my room. Maybe later, haha.

I love my 'new' bomber jacket! Got it at the thrift store, that's why I called it as 'new' :p And oh, I'm currently feeling more comfortable wearing long or midi bottoms rather than minis. My collection of mini skirt now has even been replaced by culottes and midi skirts. Is it because I'm getting older and mature? I'm still craving for that A-line skirt that is currently on trend tho. Only have no guts to wear it without tights haha. Hmm... maybe I'm in that phase of something they call as 'style evolution'? I don't know. Let's just have fun with it!

Photographed by : Gladys
Edited by : Me

sunglasses - Ebay | skull earrings - Greedy Sassy | white collar top & bomber jacket - thrift store | midi dress - PICNIC | clean backpack & metal heeled boots - NEW LOOK