Photographed by : Tibby
Edited by : Me

The plan to go on a vacation with my friends just came up all of a sudden when we were on a group call. I definitely said yes, since honestly I had been craving for a day off and going to somewhere else where I don't have to think about my job, at least for two or three days. So yeah, Jogja was the option since my friend Irene lives there, plus she offered a place to stay for a while. Couldn't take as much pictures as I expected because apparently it was rainy almost everyday and we ended up going nowhere *sigh* Well, except for these pictures we took on our first day, haha. I forgot the name of the hotel, but it has quite a nice spot for taking outfit pictures.

Ok then, see you on the next post!

striped shirt - thrift store | fringed flare pants - Aphrodite | sling bag - ZALORA | gladiator sandals - Lasenora Boutique

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Photographed by : Dimas Prayogo
Edited by : Me

New things always sound exciting to me! We have this new project called Gogirl! Style , basically a place to share daily style inspiration and shopping guides for you girls who might need a little help to solve that what-to-wear problem you face every single time. In order to stock up the feed, we need to do a photoshoot once a week. This new routine makes me going to different places every single week, which I must admit, is pretty tiring sometimes. But hey, if you could just look at the brighter side, you might as well feel the fun! For me, it's perfect to take a lil snapshots of my outfit of the day in such a cool place, when the model is changing clothes or taking a little rest. Yes yes, I love taking advantage of situations, even in that little amount of time, haha. 

wihte shirt - thrift store | spaghetti strap top - KOMMA | tweed outer - gift | frayed hem pants - NEW LOOK (I DIY-ed the hem haha) | frilled socks - Bella Accessories (Jogja) | black mules - PICNIC

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The good thing about living around college area is that you'll never be out of options for a good place to eat and chilling out. There'll always be new place almost every year, whether it's just a small place to enjoy a cup of tea or like this one, a quite spacious place to enjoy everything from the food, tea, wi-fi, and the spot itself. The seats and tables are so well put together, with the big windows almost on every side of the room which make every corner looks Instagramable. So yeah, I persuaded Gladys to spent a few hours here before we left for church. And how could I resist the urge to not taking outfit pictures here?

Photographed by : Gladys
Edited by : Me

This Star Wars tee is my current fave! Got it from last Uniqlo x Star Wars launching event. 

Star Wars tee - Uniqlo | denim jacket - Bloop Endorse | wool pink skirt and sling bag - thrift store  | Patent Boots - Stradivarius