Figuring Out

Yes. I know. I'm a bad bad blogger! Geez, it feels like it's been years since the last time I updated my blog. Please, accept my apology >.<

Just got back from work and was planning to watch a movie, but I ended up gawking in front of my laptop. Haha. I then decided to open my blogspot and see if there's such abandoned posts that I've made and haven't been published. Turned out I was right. So this is it, a new update on le blog! Thought you've seen it on my Instagram before as I posted one of these pictures as 'a spoiler', a month ago! Damn! Once again, I 'm so sorry. Won't happen again! 

By the way these pictures were taken when we were at Indonesia National Museum (Museum Nasional Indonesia). Yes, finally we made it to there! Next destination : National Gallery!!

Photographed by : Sarah
Edited by : Me
Location : Museum Nasional Indonesia (Indonesia National Museum) Jl. Medan Merdeka Barat No.12, Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta 10110

top and skirt - thrift store | necklace - Chloris @ Mal Ambasador | sling bag - Plaza Semanggi | high lace up boots- Lasenora


The Weekenders

Oh, hello guys!!

Here I share some pictures of last Saturdate I had with Sarah. We planned to go to not-a-mall kinda place to spend the weekend and it looked like Indonesia National Museum was such a perfect place to go. Unfortunately the museum was already closed at 4PM. Well, we were fortunate to find this cathedral not too far from the museum, so at least we can enjoy the rest of the weekend.  

That's it for my weekend update. See you soon on the next post!!

bowler hat - H&M | peplum top & oversized denim jacket - thrift store | middle rolled up pants - Uniqlo | bag - Jade Bag | boots - Aniaki

#20facts About Me

Got tagged by Avellia and Jessica on Instagram and I think this is worth to share here too. Sooo... here's #20facts about me : 
1. I'm a bataknese. Originally from Medan, currently living in Jakarta. 

2. I do love singing. I even enjoy singing while washing dishes for hours and ended up messing up everything. 

3. When I love a song or music album so much, I can play it on my list all the time and listen to it aaaalll day long. I can't and don't wanna hear another ones till I get bored. 

4. I've never had a boyfriend. Just haven't met the right one. 

5. My love for thrifty and vintage stuff will never end. 

6. I have crush on Bruno Mars and Pharrell. And Sam Smith (if only he's not a gay -___-)

7. I loooove durian so much ❤❤❤. 

8. I have no ability in wearing heels, especially the ones with 10 cm heights. 

9. I don't smoke. 

10. I feel awkward wearing flare pants. 

11. I was an otaku :). 

12. I believe in aliens. 

13. I can become "galau" for days when I finish watching a Korean drama. 

14. It's been a year since the last time I went swimming. 

15. I do judge people based on their appearence. 

16. I don't wanna have twin children. It'll be confusing nursing them at the same time. 

17. I CAN'T COOK! 

18. I over think almost everything. That makes me hard in making decision. 

19. I can't live without my oil control film. Oily skin stresses me out. 

20. I can eat so so fast. As if I swallowed the food :D


The Lost Excitement

I must admit that blogging has been kinda displaced by other things which happened to take over most of my time lately. It's not one of my priorities anymore and sometimes I'm thinking about where did all of those spirit go? I used to be so excited everytime I got dressed up and wondered about the perfect place to take shots. But now, I find myself like to be more dressed down, without all those chunky boots on. I even rarely check my blogspot feed and read blogs I like. And that indicates something is happening to me. I have changed. It scares me because I don't wanna lose my old self but I also don't wanna seal myself from the changes because I know, some changes makes us better. Eventhough maybe we need to pay it with something essential in our life, which in my case, my blogging excitement. 

Well, whatever happens, I hope I'll still be able to dedicate myself to this blog longer because I love it and I don't wanna let you guys, my readers, disappointed. Dressing up, taking good pictures and writing about stories I'm going through have been my pleasure ever since I know blogging and I don't want it to be faded away. Have to find the joy back and get back on track as soon as possible! Wish me luck!

Photographed by : My dad
Edited by : Me

floppy hat - LM for Hardware | dress - thrift store | chunky sandals - Lasenora



So these are another outfit pictures that apparently have been stucked in my external disk for quite long. I think I need to publish the rest as soon as possible before it's getting out of date, haha. 

Photographed by : Irvan Bormeda
Edited by : Me

turtleneck knit top - thrift store | pastel plaid outerwear - PICNIC | rolled tailor pants - stolen from mom | ankle boots - Lasenora