Going to GBKP Jubileum at Sibloangit, I did some photoshoots with my sisters and friends.
Actually, this is more like a vacation with congregations of GPIB Kasih Karunia. I'm one of them.

with my partner in crime (sometimes) a.k.a my sister, Cellia :

me, with my lil sist (Piti - I know, her name is a little bit weird. In West Sumatera language, it means money. I talk too much, don't I?), Cellia, and Sarah.

me, Piti, Bella and Cellia . (Actually, we was blinded by the sun, but we didn't give up! Yeah.!)

But today, only in the morning the sun is shining brightly. And after having lunch, suddenly the rain came. Ooh . .
But on the whole, I really really enjoy this vacation. Really. :)

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