The Dance of Happiness


I'm sooo happy . know what? I really really have proved that I have a balance between my playing time and my studying time . This semester, I got a very good achievement . Yay...!! My dad has to be ready to buy me a new cellphone . Hohohooo . . . *big grin* Enough said .

So, yesterday I had a super dance named The dance of Happiness . Yiihaa ...!!

wore : ex-high school blazer / thrifted shirt / dad's belt/ D-I-Y ripped washed jeans / white sneakers - Skatelement

So, today I went to Palangkaraya with my mom and my sisters . We bought some stationeries and books there . Then we went to Fountain at Sun Plaza to have a brunch . I ate a lot . Really really A LOT . I feel soo.. guilty .

wearing : yellow loose top and short - Petisah / grandma's bag / random bracelets / my lil sist's white gladiators (Yes . Her size is too big for a kid)

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