So . . my speedy was broken, AGAIN . But today it has been fixed, AGAIN .
And nooww, i can do my oh-so-fun activities agaaiinn !
You know, like browsing, seeing many fashion blogs, trying to find some cute stuffs at online shops and buy them !
love it love it love iiitt !

My mom is still at Bandung and i miss her so much !
Can't wait until her comeback on next Tuesday .
And yea, i've been a maid in my own house (alright, my parents' house) for almost one week . And i dont know if i can survive .
We dont have any maid here. Our maid has quit about a month ago .
I want a MAIDD !!

Oyea, last Thursday i watched The Ugly Truth with my friends .
The movie was so damn fun !

I wore : lace top , belt and bag - thrift store / pink corduroy pants - only i / shoes - my lil sister's

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