I've Got a New Experience Todayyy!!!


Like the title said, i really really have got a new experience today . Today i was spending almost a day at Lembaga Kesenian USU, held a photography exhibition of member applicant of UKM Photography USU, of course with the other applicants. Yeah, i'm a little bit interested in photography,but not really! I'm just .. kinda following my friend :p But i hope there are still many experiences wait for me outside because i really love love loooveee challenges! Uooo... And you know what, being outside for hours makes me feel so exhausted today. I think i need some rest. Ouchh.. my back..

oversized jeans shirt and postman bag - thrift store / unbranded leggings / shoes - wondershoe /

By the way, these are what i've bought at Plopherz and i really so damn in love with these babies! :3

So, enough for today. I really need to sleep right now. Good nite! :)

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