Missing My Straight Hair


Heyhooo! just wanna say happy sunday to you all :) Today i was wearing my new (yes yess yesss it's neeww!!) military blazer. i love it! wohooo!! And i paired it with my grandma's old dress which i've transformed into a mini dress. I don't know, i just like it in mini version better.

Anyway, my friends told me that they like my old hair better than the new one. You know, i've changed it into curls but the result is not really good. Yeah.... i don't know how to take care of curly hair. And now i'm sooooo missing my lovely straight hair. Hope it'll be straight again soon. *sigh*

Soooo... here are the looks :3

Military Blazer - Plopherz / Dress - my grandma's / Navy Blue Tights - Gaudi / Shoes - Wondershoe / Postman Bag - thrift store

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  1. hai love the jacket and your bag :)
    feel free to visit.comment.follow.link

    let me know ya.thank you

  2. Love this! Great combination of colours, shapes and print. Go military, so hot right now. ;)
    I like the hair, personally. Did you get it permed? Is it permanent?

  3. anita.
    thanks for ur comment :) i've visited ur blog and u have such a lovely blog!!

    thank youu! xD yeah it's permanent dear but i hope it'll be back to normal soon. u know, the straight oneee :)

  4. wow the millitary blazer is beyond words, it's so cool!! i love your blog, gw link yahhh hehehe

  5. thank you for your warm comment! :)
    great combination you have here. the white jacket is totally rockin!

  6. febrina : aww thank u so much deaarr. i'll link yours too! <3 <3

    livioso : thank youuu!! <3

    stellectism : welcome and thanks dear! xD


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