Winner or Loser. It doesnt really important, doesn't it?


So, i've got busy days lately. Many tasks from my college.. and prepared my self for The Yamaha Electone Festival. The festival was held yesterday,on Sunday. We're not allowed to take some photos there so this all i can do.

You guys may ask if i won this competition or not. The answer is.. i didn't :( I actually think that i've played well and have shown some progresses but the fact is i still didn't win this competition. But at least i've got this certificate! :) And then i think, there's no use to feel down and down so i'll try to move on! Yeaahh!! I'll do my best for the festival next year!! (if i still have a chance) Pray for me okayy?? :*

Anyway, my little cousins yesterday was playing with our camera. Here are some pictures they took and i just can't help myself for not posting it. LOL

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  1. too bad you didnt win, but i bet you'll win next year!
    and thats a cute room

  2. waaa.u wore all black.hehe:)

    try to win next time the competition alrite...


  3. love this look so much! esp your blazer :)
    LOVE, beauty splashes


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