Dotties Obsession


First of all,do excuse me for my naughty pimple in some pictures above.Today I’m sharing my outfit that i wore yesterday when i went to church,worshipping with my family. I bought this dottie top last week when i was thrifting with my sister. Yeah,i’m going crazy everytime we went to the thrift stores. So many vintage stuff there and i just can’t help myself! And this top,you have no idea how much i love it! You can wear it as a top or an outerwear.I found it’s pretty cool especially when i wore it as an outerwear. You know, it gives a kind of layer effect. Awesome! And you know what, i think i’m currently a little bit obsessed with this Dottie thingy. So far i have bought 3 dotties top in different color : black, navy blue, and brown. Haha. Enough said.

dottie top & skirt - thrift store / socks - Sox Gallery / Oxford Shoes & Mulberry bag look-a-like - Petisah (local store)

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  1. Oh the dots are amaaazingly beautiful! <3

  2. You look wonderful, love the polkadot-top and how you combined it!

  3. you're rocking vintage! thanks for dropping by my blog, btw. hope to hear more from you. :)

  4. thanks all! you have no idea how much it means to me,especially you,bonnie.i've been reading your blog ever since i started this blog. once again,thanks everyone.. :))

  5. Ohh I love polka dots! <3

    xox Courtney Michele


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