Questioning and answering


Ok so I got this award from a fellow blogger,Florencece. Thanks so much dear,this is so fun! 

Here are the rules :
You have to answer the question to share 7 random facts about you and also 5 favorite songs. You need to make 11 new questions or use the old ones and nominee 11 other blogs. 

I'm not really good in making questions so I'll just use the old ones I got from Florencece to pass it to other bloggers.

1. Who is your authority?
Ok,I don't really get this question. Sorry :p

2. The funniest situation in your life?
I have soooo many funny situations and most of them are so embarassing. No. I wont share them here haha. 

3. Have you ever done your own DIY?
Yes,I made a hairwreath and wore it on this post.

4. What is your biggest dream?
Having my own successful clothing line (label) and be happy with it.

5. Did one of your dream comes true?
Yes :)

6. What was your biggest fashion setback?
Hmm let me see... well I think I don't have any fashion setback so far lol.

7. Did you meet friends on blogger-world?
Definitely yes! Jessica from Phoskinny,Yunita from Pink Teary Dream and I'm looking forward for more and more friends. It's fun! :D

8. Have you ever been on concert of famous artist? Who was that?
I have,but mostly concert of Indonesian artists like Sandhy Sondoro,Raisa,Glenn Fredly,Tompi,Barry Likumahuwa Project (BLP),Maliq 'n d'essentials and so on.

9. What movie makes you cry? 
'I Am Legend' and '49 Days,it's a korean drama actually,not a movie. But both has made me cried a lot like a baby.

10. How you imagine yourself 10 years later?
A succesful fashion blogger who owning a clothing line of herself,a marriage woman who has cute kids and loving husband,and still wearing tights of course!  

11. Do you like my blog? Why?
Yes,because your blog is lovely :)

7 facts about me :
 I have an oily hair so I have to wash it up everyday.
 I'm currently addicted to 9gag.
 I hate Blackberry and really don't want to have it.
 My current favorite singer is Bruno Mars. He drives me crazy.
 I play The Sims since I was in high school and still love it up until now.
 Flare pants for me are a big NO.
 I love to rub my fingers on laces since I was a kid (weird,huh?)

5 favorite songs : 
Grenade - Bruno Mars
Our First Time - Bruno Mars
American Boy - Estelle feat. Kanye West
✿ Nature Boy - Nat King Cole
Still in Love - Brian McKnight

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  1. I'm addicted to 9gag too! This is so fun, thank you for tagging and the award! I'll do it soon <3<3 =) X

    1. oh really? that's cool! hello fellow 9gagers! :D

  2. Wow, thank you so much!
    We really like your blog, it's lovely (:
    We'd love to do it soon.

    1. glad to hear that. definitely can't wait for it! :D

  3. hi there, thank you for the award. haha now you have bruno mars in my head!

  4. thank you so much for the award <3 yup hopefully you'll still be wearing tights when you're married with kids! what was your dream that came true? :)

    1. owyeeah amen for that! haha :D I used to want having my own camera and now I got it! my dad bought it couple days ago,with a new lens too. happy ♥


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