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Hello there!! Finally we made it to Thursday! (or maybe Wednesday in other continents). I went to the immigration office today in order to make my passport (!!!). So excited since it's my first time doing such thing. It was a little bit confusing and the passport is not done yet. I have to go back four days later to take some pictures and do the payment and after those things are done,I can get my passport. Aaaa I'm so excited!! Wait for me,Hongkong!! 

Sooo... I was checking my blog and when I see the number of the followers,it already turned into 203+ followers. Thank you so much!! Once again,I know it's not a big number if it's compared with other great and famous blogs but for me,having an increasing number of follower makes me feel so blissful. That means you love this blog,don't you? But that's fine if you don't :p

So,in line with my promise on this post,I'll make a Giveaway for my readers as an appreciation to them. I'm still preparing the prize,so stay tune!! Sorry if it'll take a long time. I'll make the giveaway soon. Promise!!

Ignore my stupid expressions :p

top,outer,shoes,bag,shoes - thrifted / belt - Stroberi

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  1. yay on all the followers!! with your amazing style, how could you not get them? and seriously, what kind of magical thrift store did you find that it has all these gorgeous pieces?! i seriously want to rob your closet, sigh.

  2. the colours of your outfit really make me happy :)


  3. cuteee look <3
    so timeless look :D

  4. aww you look really cute !! i want your cardi ! seriusan stuff kamu makin makin pengen buat aku ketemu terus anterin aku ke flea market di medan :( oh ya congratulation btw for go girls tag :)

    join my second giveway for 5 winners

  5. Super cute outfit!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  6. wow lovely patterns and colors, ci! <3 great great great look

  7. you must be one of my favorite blogger to watch right now. ;)


  8. penampilan kamu keren deh. dan kerennya lagi, kamu bisa membuktikan kalo stylish itu ga melulu harus mahal or branded. by the way, aku juga tinggal di medan. boleh minta saran ga dimana thrift store yang bagus2 atau yang biasa kamu datengin? ini emailku: ditunggu emailnya yaaa. thanks before :)

  9. Oooh, I like the colours in your outfit, so cute, X

  10. i don't usually like colourful outfit but you pull it off to perfection xo

    The Young Bridget Jones


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