Hong Kong Trip - Day 4


Oh,hi there! Today I'm gonna share some pictures from my last trip to Hong Kong. Time flies so fast. Too fast,in fact. I went to HK on August and now it's already October! -_______-

Ok so we went shopping (as usual) in the morning until we get all we want! Oh well,in my case,it's actually until I spent all of HK dollars I have. Hahaha. We went to Langham Place first. After that,we went back to Prince Edward Market which is the first  shopping place we visited on our first day in HK. And I must say it's already become my very very favorite place to shop and I do recommend it! 

Since we were so curious about the vintage market that my friend told me to go to,we decided to look for it at Google Maps. So glad finally we found it at Prince Edward Market area. The place called Mee&Gee. There're soooo many vintage sweaters and cardigans and it drives me crazy! I love them all,I really want to take them all! But my wallet said I only can take two pieces so yeah,with the help of kak Githa I finally can make a decision.

It feels uncomplete if we don't go to Madame Tussauds when we're in HK,so here we are! I was so excited to meet those "real" artists even in their wax sculpture form. And that's why I dressed up in pink!

I looove kak Githa's sweater so much! It's from H&M by the way :)

This is it! Madame Tussauds! Keep scrooling ;)

Aaand,meet my boyfie,the (fake) Rob Patz! Muahahaaa.

I didn't take many pictures of me with these stars. Silly me,I only brought a camera with fix lens on it. The problem is,we cannot do the "zoom in,zoom out" thing with that lens and it's gonna be so difficult to take pictures in such small and crowded place like this. So sorry for another stupidity I've done. *sigh*

The rooftop view of Madame Tussauds. So beautiful,right? 

That's the end of my HK trip post series. Gah! I can't believe it's already ended. It's surely the most fun and memorable experience I have so far. It's fun because I can shop A LOT. It's memorable because I finally made myself travel overseas for the first time,with kak Githa Moran the Fashion Editor of Gogirl! Magazine. I've been admiring her works since the first time I read Gogirl! Magazine and having a chance to know her in person is so unbelieveable. I mean,it's amazing! I feel so blessed and I can't wait to have another memorable experiences with the inspiring people in the future. Now tell me,what's your memorable experience so far? :D 

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  1. hi!! there's robert pattinson ♥♥♥ hehehe

  2. Wow great photos I want to go to Hong Kong some day!

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  3. Hi! Thanks for ur comment on my blog :D
    Very lovely blog that u have. Anyway, would u like to follow each other??
    Just tell me, ok ;) Have a nice day!


  4. nice
    omg you lucky could go there <3
    envy youu


  5. ah i love hong kong! must visit that vintage market next time!

  6. WOOW great photos! nice blog! maybe we follow each other!? let me know ;) www.yuliekendra.com

  7. HK is so awesome! I love the view at Victoria Bay! I'm so jealous you got to see the night view at Victoria Peak. When I went, it was super cloudy so all I saw was white... literally. Not even a little twinkling of a light from a building. just all white. The wax museum looks awesome too!


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