#20facts About Me


Got tagged by Avellia and Jessica on Instagram and I think this is worth to share here too. Sooo... here's #20facts about me : 
1. I'm a bataknese. Originally from Medan, currently living in Jakarta. 

2. I do love singing. I even enjoy singing while washing dishes for hours and ended up messing up everything. 

3. When I love a song or music album so much, I can play it on my list all the time and listen to it aaaalll day long. I can't and don't wanna hear another ones till I get bored. 

4. I've never had a boyfriend. Just haven't met the right one. 

5. My love for thrifty and vintage stuff will never end. 

6. I have crush on Bruno Mars and Pharrell. And Sam Smith (if only he's not a gay -___-)

7. I loooove durian so much ❤❤❤. 

8. I have no ability in wearing heels, especially the ones with 10 cm heights. 

9. I don't smoke. 

10. I feel awkward wearing flare pants. 

11. I was an otaku :). 

12. I believe in aliens. 

13. I can become "galau" for days when I finish watching a Korean drama. 

14. It's been a year since the last time I went swimming. 

15. I do judge people based on their appearence. 

16. I don't wanna have twin children. It'll be confusing nursing them at the same time. 

17. I CAN'T COOK! 

18. I over think almost everything. That makes me hard in making decision. 

19. I can't live without my oil control film. Oily skin stresses me out. 

20. I can eat so so fast. As if I swallowed the food :D

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