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Yes. I know. I'm a bad bad blogger! Geez, it feels like it's been years since the last time I updated my blog. Please, accept my apology >.<

Just got back from work and was planning to watch a movie, but I ended up gawking in front of my laptop. Haha. I then decided to open my blogspot and see if there's such abandoned posts that I've made and haven't been published. Turned out I was right. So this is it, a new update on le blog! Thought you've seen it on my Instagram before as I posted one of these pictures as 'a spoiler', a month ago! Damn! Once again, I 'm so sorry. Won't happen again! 

By the way these pictures were taken when we were at Indonesia National Museum (Museum Nasional Indonesia). Yes, finally we made it to there! Next destination : National Gallery!!

Photographed by : Sarah
Edited by : Me
Location : Museum Nasional Indonesia (Indonesia National Museum) Jl. Medan Merdeka Barat No.12, Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta 10110

top and skirt - thrift store | necklace - Chloris @ Mal Ambasador | sling bag - Plaza Semanggi | high lace up boots- Lasenora

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  1. Please, do blogging reguraly as you used to Kak :')
    I am the one who is inspired by you.
    Love your outfit. It is stunning.
    Have a great weekdays ahead. <3


  2. love your style <3


  3. blog as long as you feel good about it, I really like to visit it, I love your outfits ^^

  4. That skirt is the most absolute perfect color! I'm just getting back into blogging too after a LONG break. Don't worry about it!



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