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One of many good things that I love from blogging is the chance to meet up with my fellow blogger friends. Like this one when some of us were invited to the graduation show of LPTB Susan Budihardjo, it was not just the show that we enjoyed, but also the presence of each of us. These girls might look so not reachable from outside, but the truth is, they can be the silliest people on the planet sometimes, or in this case, most of the time.

Took these pictures after the show because we just can’t help ourselves to not be so curious about the stage, and its cool set. I even pretend as if we’re shooting for Ariana Grande’s Problem music video. How couldn’t I?

Photographed by : Sartob
Edited by : Me

The colorful (and not so-black-lovers) girls : me, Atjil, and Sartob

Bertha and Annisa. The black maniacs. Bertha is single now btw LOL.

turtleneck, oversized top and culottes - Pasar Senen (local thrfist store) | sling bag - ZALORA| metal heel boots - NEW LOOK

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  1. a very instagrammable spot for ootd hahah!! u all look great! :)

  2. HAHAHAHAH! tinggal nyanyinya aja ya kurang. hrsnya sekalian buat video klip hahah -_-



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