I just read an article on Man Repeller about irrational fears some people might have. Sometimes it even makes us think are we insane or what, because these fears are actually have no reason and look kinda odd. So I thought I'm gonna write down to some of my irrational fears and I hope you don't mind to read a few words. Let me know if you feel the same, or just tell what your irrational fears are!

1. Fear of letting my Uber driver knows I am using Google map for directions

Yes, I know I just lived in Jakarta for three years, and yes, I know the drivers mostly know the street better than me because, hey, it's their job. But sometimes I'm getting a bit worried whether I'll arrive on time or not, or if the driver actually knows the way to my destination. So I used Google map, quietly, and acted as if I know the streets too. It's usually getting awkward when I forgot to turn the voice navigation into silent mode and that makes the driver realized that I actually know nothing. It's even getting worse when I'm starting to get paranoid the driver might kidnap me or take me somewhere else, lol.

2. Fear of losing my tiny accessories when I wear them

I wear earrings and brooches sometimes. Sometimes, because mostly I always feel anxious I might losing them on my way to somewhere because I didn't fasten them properly, or if I forgot to take the brooches off my clothes. Why why why can't I wear them in peace??

3. Fear of getting a few likes on Instagram

These days Instagram somehow become the way to determine your existence in the world, for some people. You are an it girl if you get many likes and followers, and you're not if your likes is under 100. Sometimes this thought came to my mind and that makes me discouraging myself to posting a new picture, because I'm afraid people might not like it. But, come to think of it now, number is not everything. I indeed, rarely getting likes more than 100, but the people who pressed the like button on my posts are the ones that sincerely likes my feed, my loyal followers and friends, and not the ones who expect me to like their posts back. Besides, I post what I like and that manifests who I am. The real me.

4. Fear of giving the wrong opinion

Honestly, I hesitate to give my opinion sometimes, especially when it involves things like politics and economy. Because what, I actually don't really care about it so I know just a tiny bit about it, haha. But hey, that doesn't make me as a stupid girl, right? I do have a strong opinion on things like fashion, music, social life, and humanity because I have interests on them. And you know what, I also have an interest on you... (what?) 

5. Fear of  baldness

This is actually my deepest fear, so deep that I feel it too on my dreams. Ever since I permed my hair when I was on college, my hair started to fall out. I even get more nervous everytime I make a ponytail, because it feels like it's getting thinner day by day. I've tried many hair serum but that didn't seem to work well in growing back my hair. The fall now is not as bold as it was tho, but still...

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  1. lovely!

  2. it takes a lot of bravery to share what's so personal- I admire your work


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