Father - Daughter's Day


My mom is out of town with her friends since yesterday. Me, my dad and my sisters just stay at home.So today we went to church without her.After that, we had lunch at City Ice Cream and then went to some places to hang out. It's a little bit weird without my mom.But it was quite fun.
This one is my favourite .Chicken prepared with soy sauce.Yummy.!

Strawberry Milkshake (my fav too!) and watermelon juice .

My sisters .
Left : Cellia
Right : Piti

Went to the electronic store just to see some cool electronics and gadgets .

Dress - Petisah / Blazer - my ex high school blazer / Bag - Thrift Store / Unbranded Tights / Shoes - Skatelement / and a white ribbon worn as belt ( You can't see it)

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