Always Love My Besties


Last Monday, my old friends slept over in my house for a few days. Tibby had came back from Bandung and so did Irene, she came back from Yogya. But Tibby came on Wednesday, and she didn't sleep over with us. But we were quite happy since we haven't met for one year. We talked , and watched old photo and a video when we were young and went to the same junior high school. Now we all go to different colleges, but we still try to meet quite often.

And today, one of them (her name is Nenex) is going to go to Tarutung to work there. She doesn't go to college like us, because of some problems she has. We'll miss u,Nex. Take care.

Today I had post an old picture which I found. But I think it still looks good,doesn't it?

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