School Girl


Hey-ho! How's your weekend? Okay,I think time really goes super fast lately. Last week we had my grandma came here to visit us, but now she's already gone back to Bandung. I'm actually kind of missing her. Cannot wait for December to come so that we all can have a trip to Bandung,meeting up with my other family including my grandma :)

About my outfit today,I wore this thrifted cardi with my most favourite skirt,the navy blue skirt! Yay! I just somehow love to match this skirt with everything in my closet.Well, I was initially hesitant to wear these pinky socks. You have no idea how odd it is for some people here for seeing someone who dress up like me,and wearing these kind of shoes with these pinky socks. My lil sister even said I looked just like a school girl in this outfit. Well,
everybody can laugh at me but one thing for sure,I just don't care! Hahahahaha.

blouse,cardigan & skirt - thrifted / pinky socks - Sox Gallery / shoes & bag - Petisah

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  1. love this, and agree! you look beautiful to all us bloggers anyway, and your cardie is super cute xo


  2. Great outfit! I adore your style <3


  3. love your outfit :)
    and you always have a gorgeous skirt , it vintage love it <3


  4. lucu-lucu koleksinya...

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