Yamaha Electone Festival 2011 (Regional Level)


Hello there! Long time no post hahaha. Well,last Sunday (precisely on 22 May 2011)I've participated in an Electone Festival (Sumatera) which is always held annually by Yamaha Music, and we got the 2nd place! I took part in Electone Ramai-Ramai Category with another students in Era Musika Music School, and I played the Electone :) For you who do not know what Electone is, well, I'll let you know. Electone is described as Electronic Organ, and it can imitate orchestral instruments,singly or in combination, through the use of digital sampling.Okay,actually for more info you can see it from Wikipedia :p 

So,I've uploaded a video which is showing our performance few days ago. Just to make sure I'm not lying about this :p

I'm the girl with the yellow blouse

I actually a little bit disappointed since we only came out as the second winner. Why? Because we cannot go to Jakarta for the final. But it's fine then,it's just another lesson for us to be better than ever :)

Anyways, this is my outfit after the show. My family came to see us too!  :)

I'm at the rightmost :p

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  1. You look great! I love the shoes <3

  2. i love you and your friend style :)
    it is gorgeous :)
    i love your shoes <3


  3. love the tights and top! :)

  4. wonderful ...

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