The New Style Crush : Emily Browning


Hello again,fellas! So yesterday I went out with my sisters and met up with some old friends, also spent few hours wtching Sucker Punch with them at the nearest mini theater. That was my first time watching there and you know what,the place is so cool,with a home theatre facility of course, an super comfy seats.The interior is awesome too though. I felt like owning my own theater cause it's only 6 seats in a room so it's kind of private for us hahaha. And the movie is awesome too! The story is great,telling about a young girl who is institutionalized by her abusive stepfather, trying to escape from the mental facility using her imagination. The special effects are super cool and the girls are cute also.^^

My most favorite character is Baby Doll,played by the lovely Emily Browning. I must admit that she really has a great sense of style. Just look at her outfits below,so classy!



Photos are randomly from Google.

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  1. Thanks for your comment :)
    Nice blog !! :D

  2. yess! Emily is pretty, cute, sweet, and edgy. she has great sense of style. always loving what she wears :)

  3. thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :)
    great post and awsome blog btw <3

  4. Yes I'm with you! She's so gorgeous <3
    Thanks for stopping by my blog..

  5. she looks crazy good with the pixie cut! amazing.


    Bang & Buck


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