The style guide book and the pretty little collars


Good afternoon,readers! So I was just blogwalking today as usual and then I found a very amazing book which you,the fashion lovers, should definitely have one! STYLE YOURSELF. It’s an innovative guide to personal style with tons of outfit ideas and loaded with fashion knowledge, and so many fashion bloggers around the world are featured in this book, such as Jane Aldridge from Sea of Shoes (as seen on the cover), Mayo Wo from Mellow Mayoness, Tavi Gevinson from Style Rookie, Suzie from Style Bubble, and many more.  God, I wish I could have one too... =___=

For more info,you can check out the review here.

And oh,you can also check out this video from Youtube for a little sneak peak.

Anyway,collars are also currently become one of my obsession. I really want to have collar tops and dresses as many as I can. Ohh dear they're just so pretty!

photos are from here and here

So,that's all I can share with you today, hope it'll be inspiring enough for you and make you guys love fashion more! Kisses & hugs! :* 

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  1. Yeah, they're so pretty and vintage! :D

  2. Those lace collars are so pretty and delicate! You make me wanna hunt one out now!


  3. nice blog, and i just followed you :D


  4. I love your post and blog so much!!!.))

    I need your help. I spend another survey but this time with another question.
    "Where do you prefer to shop? What is your favorite shopping center?"

  5. oooh i want to buy style yourself book, where i can buy it dear? :)
    and i love collar too, i always found the collars on thrift store, do you? and thanks for your comment dear :)
    have a nice day

    xoxo, Jessica


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