One of those best days


Some pictures of us on the holiday few months ago, playing around Kesawan area. The buildings are cool. Idon't know how to describe it,but they're as awesome as the old buildings you've ever seen. Believe me. I heard it was mostly built since a very long ago, I don't know the exact details. Too bad we just focused on ourselves,not the buildings hahaha. It was the three of us actually;me,Gladys,and Tibby. Well,Tibby prefered to play as photographer (again) so it's just me and Gladys who were in these pictures :p

Gladys,biting the pizza RAWRR!!

Well,this is Tibby. She just graduated about a month ago and she's the first of us! Once again CONGRATULATIONS,sweetie! God bless your new path :*

P.S she's pretty,right? We're all pretty! LOL

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  1. youre sucha cutie!!

    <3 steffy

  2. i just love your outfit! these shoes are so cute and your bag!! so beautiful : )


  3. Agh, I love your outfit here. So dressed down but the lace blazer does wonders for the outfit. I also love the bag. Hey Steffi, would it be weird if I told you I am now officially one of your stalker x followers? Wouldn't be too weird right? Knew it. Haha. :P

    Join my first blog giveaway! :)

    x Limechartreuse

  4. Gorgeous shots! Now I'm seriously craving for mochi kacang...

  5. Love all these pictures!


  6. aww you guys look so cute!
    love the pants! they look fantastic on you!

  7. Your style is so cute an feminine! I love it.

  8. i like your dress.. so cute and ilke vintange.
    btw, Last year I lived 6 months in Medan. but did not find a place like that .. very nice and old.


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