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Well,I'm counting the days until December come and you have no idea how I'm so excited about this. Of course I'm excited! The whole family will be together this year and maann... we're gonna rock North Sumatera,hell yeah! We're gonna do a trip around it. In case you wonder, North Sumatera is one of dozens provinces in Indonesia and i live in Medan,the capital of it. Ok enough with the geography lesson. So,what's so good about it? The good thing is,there'll be tons of pictures from the trip!Awesome. I've never celebrated Christmas in village before though. We used to celebrate it in Medan or Bandung,where my grand parents are there. I've never been out of this country too (so poor,I know *sigh*) but maybe someday we will.

These photos were taken at Sun Plaza's parking lot. We went to church first in the morning and then headed to Sun Plaza because I have a kind of 'little' performance sponsored by Yamaha Music School (Era Musika),a place where I got my electone lessons. Yeah,electone! Don't you know electone? Well,you're not a cool person if you don't then hahaha. Just kidding. It's more like organ but in the electronic version. 

See? That's me playing the electone. It was actually a duet of electone and piano (My friend Josephine played it). The song is Turkey's March :)

(Sorry about the bad quality of the picture :p)

Aaaand,this is me and Josephine (at the rightmost) with Yamaha Boys/Young Boys! From left to right,Yongki,Kenan,and Dionisius. If you haven't known about them,then you should! These boys are such talented performers and I must say that they're so cute and funny,hahahaaa.

Kimono outwear - thrift store / blouse - Nelly Audrey / skirt - Kivee / shoes and bag - thrift store

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  1. you look so cute >__<
    love this look , esp the top
    it so vintage and cool :)


  2. omg i'm so in love with your style!! your outfits look always so amazing!!
    i'll follow you now : )
    ah and thanks for your comment..

  3. aww you look super cute!
    i love the yellow shirt and the collar!
    the new banner is awesome too!

  4. Cute outfit! I love that yellow and the pattern under the navy. Great post!

  5. I love the burst of yellow! It really adds a POP to the outfit.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. lovely outfit..
    you see, it's left 2 day to December,, you should more excited about it, right?

    have fun on your next trip!
    I'll be glad if you could visit mine, and let's be friend.. ^^

    Garten Paradise

  7. nice blog! maybe we can follow each other if you want? :)

  8. I love this outfit! It is so cute! Your shoes are adorable! the last picture is so sweet!

  9. You look lovely, that blouse is so amazing!
    All of the colours look amazing together too!
    Charlestown, xoxo.


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