Hong Kong Trip - Day 2


Oh,hi guys! Here's the post of our second day in HK. Still doing a lot of shopping craziness,day and night. And that's why I didn't take many pictures,sorry :p 

So after having breakfast we directly headed to Forever 21 and we spent like three hours (or maybe four hours?) to shop there. Honestly,I've never shopped at F21 before (how come? I don't know either) and I found myself soooo happy when I saw the floppy hat of my dream was hanging there. I've been drooling for it for ages and finally I could have two for myself. Yes,TWO. The black one and the brown one. Uuuyeaaahhh!!    

Ok,next... we came back to our apartment first after shopping the whole day and then getting ready for our next destination, Madam Tussaud! But... unfortunately we didn't go in the right time. It's closed at 9 PM, and we were still having our dinner at that time so we ended up at Central,shopping and shopping again :)

Kak Githa (left) and Mbak Atun (right). Mbak Atun is like a housekeeper and a very kind person. She cleaned up our room and also guided us to an Indonesian restaurant since we're craving for some Nasi Uduk and Ayam Goreng by that time,haha. Unfortunately I could only take her picture from behind,hehe. 

These sweaters have made me feel like in a serious struggle at that time. I was confused in making decision which sweater I should pick because I loved both the pink one and maroon one,but I had to choose. I even asked my mom and sister,hahaha. Silly me. In the end I chose the pink one though.

Ok that's all for today. Hope you enjoyed reading this post aaaand.... see you!!

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  1. Aaaah asiiknya bisa belanja di f21...
    envy you steff
    anyway, i really like ur 2nd outfit.. <3

  2. AH! i miss Hong Kong! it seems like you had a really great time in forever 21! i love your plaid dress ~ i've followed you on GFC~ please visit me and follow back? i think you'll like my fashion/art posts!~
    ||||HEDONIST DRIVE||||

  3. Love the sweaters! You shoudlve picked both lol. You look great btw (:

  4. Omg I totally saw those sweaters! Didn't get it at all T_T But ended up getting a pink one in another version! You must have had a great time there (: Love your dress xx


  5. I wish there was a Forever 21 here in Oz! I'd definitely have a hard time choosing between the pink and brown sweaters (which reminds me, I just ordered a pink sweater online too hehe) x misstea & co.

  6. envyy you!
    f21 is my favourite label!

  7. You are having lots of fun there!
    Cute pictures.

    See you!

  8. Hi dear :) you have such a great blog hun! what do you think of following each other on bloglovin' and GFC? Let me know
    Keep in touch




  9. I'm pretty much sure I've said it before on your post, but I really do envy youuuuu! Hehehehe.. I wish I could go to Hong Kong. Soon. Very soon. :p

    Come and hail to my cruise~

    1. oh thanks, Keenan :) yes yes,you definitely will!

  10. Envy you so much, Steff. Your hair, your fashion stuff, and also your chance to go to HK. Wish I will get a chance like yours, someday. I love your blog. So lovely.

    1. you definitely will! thanks so much, Yulia. that means a lot for me <3 :)

  11. I love your coat! and I have the maroon sweater, the best fall buy :)


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