My Intuition


So here I am, having too much spare time lately. I've finished my thesis, already got my title and also done completing the whole complicated registration for my upcoming graduation, which will be held by the end of this month. So what's next? 

Yesterday I went to a job fair with my friends. Not really excited though because the companies that participated in it are mostly banking and marketing companies. Definitely not my thing. I've tried my best to force myself to go there but guys... I'm so not into it. My body was there but not my mind. I don't know what happened with me. 

Ok I'm lying. I actually knew what happen with me and what I want. So I guess this is it. This is the time for me to make my own decision, follow my intuition. People will not rise up if they don't fall down,right? Challenges are nothing when we know we can face it and go through it. So yeah, I'm so excited to get out of my comfort zone and having a brand new adventure. Don't know what will happen next except that a new world is waiting for me and I cannot wait to be the part of it. I believe God will make it happen if I ask for it and do my best :) Sounds cheesy, I know but hey, I just can't hide my excitement!! 

scalloped top, mustard skirt & neon pink clutch - thrift store | neon tribal sweater - Forever 21 | earrings - Petisah | necklace - stolen from my sister | ring - random store at PVJ (Bandung) | pastel pink socks - Sox Gallery | pastel blue printed socks - Hong Kong | shoes - Lasenora Desiign

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  1. love ur necklace! <3

    btw join my oasap giveaway til 23rd may :)

  2. you got that scalloped top from thrift store? wow, love it! :D

  3. That top is kind of the best - the collar is just so perfect! Can't wait to hear what your new adventure will be! Congrats on finishing your thesis!


  4. love the shoes and the socks.. btw, good luck for you :3

  5. Congratssssss for finishing your thesis and having your title!!! (God i wish i can say this for myself #masihskripsi). Can't wait to see the story of your next life chapter, Stef. And oh, this look is very 'juicy', a feast for the eye!

    Cheers from Jakarta,

  6. What a wonderful outfit. I love the combination of colours <3

  7. Love that tribal sweater and the shoes is so cool ! :)

  8. love the sweater and purse! you look gorgeous xx

    Letters To Juliet

  9. omg Steffi! i still cant believe that your pink purse is from thrift shop! i want that purse so bad.
    you look cute as well <3

  10. love your sweater, he color and its pattern is so nice. you look gorgeous!

  11. love your sweater !

  12. Pinjem sweaternya dong kak :p. Stolen necklace from sister are considered looting :)

    P.s : intuition is a gift. Just follow it, why rush finding a job? Just do what you love and worth your doing.

  13. Love the sweater!
    Follow each other??
    Let me know!
    Best, Zia

  14. Gorgeous look! luv the energetic colors:)
    and sure intuition is very helpful &never lies even we don't agree with this 'feeling'..
    Btw.Your blog is very interesting,maybe we could follow each other? Just let Me know:)
    Have a nice day,Ada

  15. Very nice sweater!!!!

  16. love the look :)


  17. Good luck figuring out your future career :) Love the shades of yellow in the outfit!

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  18. Lovely outfit<3

  19. love your sweater & the shoes<333

  20. Doesnt sound cheesy at all. God will always be ther when you ask. and u look great in these mix of bright colors. =) doesnt it brighten up ur mood too?

  21. Wow, you look like a monkey! No, a gorilla would be exact! Anyway, nice outfit!


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