The Lessons


As you may know in this post that I've lost my camera on November last year, and blogging had been quite difficult for me ever since. Well, I can say that that was one of the toughest moments in my life. A blogger without her own camera? I think that's depressing especially for a personal style blogger like me where the main content of the blog is my own style. I felt so pathetic. Really. 

But that was an old story. Thank God the wait is finally over! Last Sunday my dad bought Canon EOS 650D which is happened to be the newer version of my old camera (Canon EOS 550D). Happy, of course! Because I get the better one and the fact that I can take pictures more often (again) makes me feel more pleased. YEAAAAYYY!!! Thank you so so much, dad! Thank you for trusting me again. And for everyone who has been supporting me through this, also for Tibby, Gladys, Sarah and my auntie who had been helping me so much in taking pictures for my blog, I couldn't even feel more thankful than this! You guys are the best people on the planet!!  

Ok now let's get to the serious side. Deep in my heart I feel THANKFUL for the loss of my camera. Yes, I've learnt so much from it. I've learnt that everything you have is worth to keep carefully, especially someone's trust. I felt terrible when I knew I've broken my parent's trust because I couldn't keep something that is important to me, which in this case is something they give to me. Yes, the camera. I felt so stupid for taking pictures at such quite road. Geez, I will never do that again. EVER.  

Another thing I've learnt is something regarding with the blog. You may not realize it, but I used to take pictures blindly. Whatever I wore I wanted it to be posted real soon on the blog without even noticing whether it looks good or not. Whether it is inspiring enough or not. I wanted to make posts as many as I can. Yes, I was a "quantity" person. 

The loss of my camera surely affected my blog. Because I didn't had camera, I started to post rarely. And that makes me a bit frustated. You know, the blog is part of my life. Knowing that I had only a few chance to shoot my outfits made me feel like I have to do and give the best. So when I had time to do a photoshoot, I utilized everything. From the outfit composition, the colours, the background/place and most importantly, THE CONCEPT. I composed every element of the next post gingerly and a conceptual post is all I want. Well, I hope you can see it through my recent posts. Still not the perfect ones though but I hope you like it :)

Ok so those are just a few lessons that I can tell to you for now. If I write down more this is gonna be a very very long post and I'm pretty sure you're all get bored reading this,  haha. Thank you for kindly reading my story and I wish you can also take heed from it. Remember to always keep what's important to you. Don't wait until it's snatched from you. 

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  1. yay! <3<3
    aku juga sering mikir begitu, setiap post mesti dibikin lebih berbobot ._.
    well, thanks for sharing! jadi makin yakin harus begitu <3

  2. yay glad you got a new camera! <3 looking forward to seeing the photos! xx

  3. You are such a doll - I'm glad that you have been able to realize what you learned from a hard experience.

    And I do know exactly how you feel. I started my blog without a camera, begging my roommate to pictures me with her gorgeous Nikon d3100 all the time. And the I took a photography class, where i was able to borrow a camera for the semester and really get to learn how to use it while saving up for my own. even though these past months without the camera have been hard - and my blog certainly reflected that - I'm going to appreciate my own camera so much more when it arrives.

    Can't wait to see all the gorgeous pictures you take when you get yours!


  4. Yeayy, akhirnya ya stee! After all that struggling moments without camera, d'oh!!
    May this new cam brings your blog to the fullest :)
    Rock it up, Keanu Edgar!!!


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