Dear No One


Sometimes when a talk about boys or relationship came up between me and my friends, I tend to shut up simply because I have a very few experience with boys. Well, here I admit that I'm one of those several girls who had never been in a relationship before. What? Oh, don't be so surprised. It's no big deal for me tho :p

Of course there are few boys that were close to me too. With few, I mean I can even count them with fingers. And I've never had a chance to go to the next level. Some because the boys are jerks, some because well.. maybe they just found out how freak I was and gave up on me. Haha. Fyi, I'm not that kind of person who can fall in love easily, which according to my friends is picky. Maybe because I ignore almost everyone who wanna chat with me on Facebook (it's annoying!), or worst, because I already feelsafe and comfy in my own space and don't want anybody to come in. Maybe. Well, the thing is, I think having a boyfriend is a serious case. You can't just easily going into a relationship with the person you don't really like or just for the sake of your Facebook status. 

And I'm wondering why my friends are so worry when they're in no relationship with any guys, or if they don't have any close friend who cares to them every day and night asking whether they already ate or slept or took a bath or stuff like that. I mean, it's not like you're gonna dead if you don't have a boyfriend. You can still breath, Oxygen are free for everbody. And there are many ways for you to enjoy the life. Going bungee jumping is good to rush your adenaline, singing and dancing insanely can freshen up your soul and shopping or hunting at thrift store makes you happy.


At least that is what I thought until I heard this song by Tori Kelly, Dear No One. Some part of the song.. well, somehow I must admit.. is TRUE. So yeah, No One, if you're out there.. don't you worry because I believe we'll meet at the right time and place. Meanwhile, take care of yourself and stay healthy for me, will you? And I hope we have the same taste of music or something in common that we can talk about and share excitingly. I also hope you love Ariana Grande, Kimbra, and Beyonce as much as I do. And please, don't be jealous to Bruno Mars. I'd like to be his girlfriend tho, but nah, you know it's gonna be only you.

So, I'll see you when I see you... No One 

top, jacket and pants - thrift store | necklace - sister's | bag - Prada | shoes - Lasenora Desiign

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  1. I totally know how you feel. I don't feel like I need to be in a relationship constantly to be happy. Really great post doll! xx

  2. Awesome look! ^^ Love your jacket!

    Wanna follow each other? :)


  3. Amazing style!!!!
    Would you like to follow each other?
    Let me know and I will follow you back!!!

  4. You have awesome style! Fantastic jacket and pants!

  5. #CurhatanSteffieSanta #toloongdidengarwahaijomblowan hihihihi >.<
    anyway, agree with your thought though <3
    love yoour vintage jacket alsoo >.<

    1. Jomblo juga, sar? Ayo bikin persatuan jomblowati #kamiavailablelohh hahaha

  6. Another perfect look! Love the pants & the shoes! xx

  7. aduh nengsis tolong deh celana & sepatunya minta diculik bgt. btwwww, plis curhat colongannya gw copy paste hahaha. galau ya para jomblowati walaupun sbnrnya kami baik2 saja kl jomblo :p tapi sis, berhubung umur udh angka 2, mending buru cari suami lgsg kali ye biar opung bisa liat cicit HAHAH #ngaco


    1. Silahkan silahkaan. Beginilah kalo jomblo, ngawur bgt curhatannya hahaha. Suami ntar deh, pacaran duyuu #apasih :p

  8. Incredible style and blog! :)

    I would like to invite you to my BLOG to take a look at my ideas! I would be so happy if we support each other! I will follow right back, just let me know!
    My Blog:
    My Facebook Page:

  9. Omg your jacket!!! Super cool <33


  10. nice pics :)
    maybe we will follow each other? (also on facebook if you have :) ) let me know :)

  11. I love your jacket <3


  12. Great post! I completely understand your musings about boyfriends and having to be in a relationship. In high school, I remember that's what it was all about because people identified you by who your were dating/who you were going to prom or the dance with/who you liked etc. It was dumb. Now I realize how much more to life there is, and worrying about something like that will take away from all else that is happening.
    As for your outfit, love the print of your jacket. The pops of pink are perfect too!


  13. love your thrift jacket Steffi. So classy , i think you must shop in thrift store at Jakarta. You can buy a lot stuff in there. :)

  14. I coudn't agree more! I'm always annoyed with people who couldn't stay single for even just a month. I find it strange! I guess they are so insecure that they need someone else to love them. Which is the wrong concept of a relationship! In a relationship, you always have to giving something instead of taking love and care from someone. If you keep taking, you're gonna leave the other party empty and it will end the relationship fast..

    anyway, great post steffi!
    I looove your outer. what a cool prints

    The Sweetest Escape 

  15. hehehehe katanya emang yang bagus keluarnya belakangan stef kikikik
    btw, gak tahan deh jeans sama jacketnya <3 adore to the dead

  16. Have a nice weekend ^^


  17. Ah I love your sense of proportion in this outfit! perfect baggy tailoring!! Your are so adorable! Who needs a boyfriend right now! Its okay to be picky, so many girls settle, why not wait for the right guy :)

  18. couldnt agree more with this post..i really can relate to it omgg. well..for me great things will come to those who waits! anyway looking so gorgeous as always! suka bgt rolled up jeans nya hihi

  19. Don't worry too much about what your friends say, there's no point in being with someone unless you're really into them, and you look like you're doing just great on your own! Your shoes are so gorgeous and they look amazing with your rolled up trousers. Your outfit's are always so pretty and eclectic :) xx

  20. Agreed! Haha
    Btw love your jacket :D


  21. I'm in love with your jacket! super cool :D
    stefi kalau kaya afghan #jodohpastibertemu :D lol


    1. Haha iyaya betul betuuul. Jodoh pasti bertemu! ><

  22. kak san.............. belum pernah pacaran toh?aku baru tauuu eheheh :p


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