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Sachlirene, such a pretty name for a shoe brand. It has an online based shoe store that ships worlwide and once you know about it you'll definitely go crazy over it. Why should you? Well, here let me explain more about some interesting parts of Sachlirene :

1. Wondersole

One of the reasons that makes Sachlirene products are so special is because of its wondersole. You know what, every customer will get a speciall message on their shoe sole from Sachlirene and none of the them will know what the message is about until the shoes arrive at their hand safely. Isn't it just sweet?

2. Choose My Colors feature

Another excellence of Sachlirene products is that you can choose and mix the shoe colors as you want! So it's kind of like designing your own shoes, which I think is so cool. 

3. Size Guide

For you who are afraid of buying shoes on online store because of the size matters, there's no need to worry anymore because they have a very clear size guide which helps you a lot in deciding your shoe size. You just need to follow the measurement steps as showed on the picture. Easy peasy! 

4. Payment Method

The payment method is very easy as well. Indonesian customers can pay in Indonesian Rupiah or USD. And you can do the payment via Paypal or Bank Transfer. It's basically up to you :)   

So what do you think? Interested enough to add some Sachlirene babies into your shoe collection? Well, just click here if you want some!

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