OOTDINDO 1st Gathering


I know it's super late to write a post about this but well, as people always say : better late than never.

So here we are, some fashion freaks who finally meet each other at an event called OOTDINDO Gathering on December last year. OOTDINDO is a community for street fashion lover in Indonesia. They have an Instagram account that currently become one of the most followed accounts for local fashion lover (at least that's what I see). So you can imagine how excited I was to see my fellas, right? Too bad my camera was still in Medan back then so I couldn't take my own pictures. But thanks to my super-sweet-and-oh-so-awesome-buddy, Sartob, because she kindly sent me these pictures so that I can share it all with you! ;)

(I also added some pictures and video courtesy of : ootdindo)  

Took couple of pictures after the meet up..

.. including ootd pictures of course!!

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