The Red Store


Kota Tua (Old Jakarta/Old Batavia) really has its own charm in attracting people to come again, especially for those who love photography (or to be photographed, in my case :p). I went there again the other week with Gladys and Puji. FYI, Kota Tua is a small area in Jakarta where you can see some old buildings which were built at the time when Indonesia was colonized by the Dutchmen. It was like centuries ago. So I guess you kinda know how enticing the architecture was at that time, right? Definitely excited!

Toko Merah (The Red Store) was our center of attention back then. It's finally opened for public after been shut down for several years. Felt lucky because we could have an access to go inside and there wasn't too much visitors so we can took bunch of pictures there. Ha! 


I love this shot taken by Gladys. Just ignore my awkward face here, ok?


Took outfit pictures again outside because I just can't get enough of it! Ohh, I wouldn't mind if I have to bring a suitcase filled with my outfits so that I can take tons of outfit pictures there. I mean it!

Found another cool place around Kota Tua again. Gosh! Surely need to bring a suitcase next time. 

And that's a wrap! I looove Kota Tua! Still craving for another shots at the other parts of it tho. Let's just hope next time I'll be able to bring mu suitcase *still obsessed, haha*

Photographed by : Me, Gladys, Puji
Edited by : Me

printed fishnet top - Pasar Melati (Medan thrift store) | jacket - Pasar Senen (Jakarta thrift store) | skirt, bag and shoes - Pasar Sambu (Medan thrift store)

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  1. kakkk so in love with the shots! >< never get tired with ur style rlly. go go bring ur suitcase there! foto buat beberapa post sekaligus!! hihi

  2. haven't got time to visit kota tua everytime i come to jakarta :(
    nice photoshoot btw xx

    {La Vie Extraordinaire}

  3. I also never go into the red store, but I was afraid to take photos there. I'm amazed that you can take photos with a very comfortable there without any fear. Love your jacket steffi and your hair do.

  4. Wow, this location is amazing...not only is it the perfect backdrop for your outfits, but it's loaded with history.
    Aw, you and your friends are so cute...looks like you all had a lot of fun!


  5. toko merah pasti jualan barang2 warna merah aja deh haha... your jumping expression nggaa tahaan so cute!!
    Lovely outfit aswell! sukaa topnya!

  6. I like both of your shoes and socks :3

  7. Great photos! Your styles always inspire me

  8. Just discovered your blog and upon scanning your outfits I instantly fell inlove! Your style is so unique and I super duper love it. BTW, followed you on bloglovin'. Hope you'll visit our blog and do the same!

    ♡, Didi of Frances and Flair

    KEEP IN TOUCH: Facebook||Bloglovin'||Twitter||Instagram

  9. Great retro look! Followed you now on GFC!


  10. ihhh kereen banget ! just love the vintage vibe in those pics..toko merah keren juga buat ootd-an >.<
    love your jacket anyway <3

  11. In love with the vintage feel of the photos. Lovely place, too! :)

  12. Hi :)
    i just found your blog now, and i really like it :)
    You have gain a new follower hehehe
    i invite you to visit my little corner, i will put here the link
    kisses ♥♥

  13. lucu banget tempat2nya steff! haha aku aja ga pernah jelajah sampe segitunya :p
    btw lucu outernya sm sepatunya hihihi :)
    you should bring your suitcase i support you! :D

    xoxo, Jessica

  14. Amazing photos! Looks like you had so much fun ^^ Love your outfit too! xx

  15. one of the places I want to visit! just found your blog from @ootdIndo and OMG you're so cool!

  16. what a stunning setting! love how your bright outfit clashes with the old interiors

    The Marcy Stop

  17. Nice outfit!


  18. Suka sama outfitnya, vintage sekalii <3

  19. That jumping photo of you is genius! This looks like a really cool area of town, and I love the red brick. Your skirt is gorgeous and I love the way you've styled it with the colourful top, it's very 80s! xx


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