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Hey, all! Today I'm gonna share with you my current obsession. Well, maybe forever obsession because to be honest, I cannot live without wearing outer for long. Whether it's a statement one or just a simple cardigan, I bet you guys are also addicted to this fashion item, right? There's no exception actually because here we often wear what we like no matter how the weather is. Haha. So here are some of the item from Dresslink that are currently on my wish list :)

Winter Long Jacket, click here.
- loooove the boyfriend cut and the mint color is just everything! -

Casual Blend Coat, click here.
- long coat with sporty collar? yes! -

Wool Blend Coat, click here.
- I've always wanted a blush coat -

Sweatshirt Trench Coat, click here.
- who doesn't love the collar detail, not to mention the sporty sleeve detail! -

Oversized Coat, click here.
- I need one knitted baby like this. I just do! -

Leather Sleeve Coat, click here.
- this is just so rad! gives us that bad ass look! -

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