Monochrome Takeover


 I want my world to be painted in monochrome. The shades of a single color called YOU.

- Steffi Santa -

Two weeks more till the fasting month over and I'm so excited for the long holiday, wohoo!! My articles for the next issue has 90% been done and I almost feel like I don't know what to do! What are you doing in your free time? I, myself, prefer to writing on my blog :)

These culottes from Trick N Tricky are one of the comfiest bottoms I've ever had. I've told you, I'm in love with culottes! And not to mention that I've ended up buying some stuff I borrowed for photoshoot lately, including this high neck knitted top from EST, Bandung. I've been searching for a loose, high neck top since ages ago and this is just the perfect one!

Photographed by : Gladys, Arum and me
Edited by : me

  hat - LM for Hardware | high neck top - EST Bandung | striped culottes - Trick N Tricky | boots - Dinodirect

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  1. oh yeah! love the place, such a clean and great one. I love this look, over sized tshirt and pants, looks gorgeous

  2. steffi what an artsy outfit - i love it! love the printed trousers :)

  3. Cute look! These photos are awesome. :-)
    April xx



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