Back to The Hometown Again!


So excited about this since I've been dying to meet my family and old friends and now, here I am! I'll be here for quite long, like, for (almost) two weeks. I don't have particular plans as to how to spend this holiday, but if you ask me what I wanna do most that would be karaoke-ing with my fellas. Oh I'm so dying to do this 'show' thing, with the mic on my hand and all those spotlights in that dark, small room, haha. Have to wait till the Eid Mubarak celebration days are over tho, because all the karaoke places here are closed temporarily due to the celebration, but that's okay. I'm a patient singer! LOL. 

And oh, btw...

Happy Eid Mubarak to those who celebrate! May the new year brings you a good luck!

Photographed by : Puji
Edited by : Me

floppy hat - LM for Hardware | crop top - ZALORA | grey striped shirt & pleated skirt - thrift store | white backpack - New Look | monk strap shoes - TOPSHOP

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  2. Nice outfit! xx

  3. Love the layered outfit, so cool! :)


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