Pastel Romance


Lately I've been aware with what I wear to the office. I mean aware here is more like the excitement to dress up well. Did I mention that I used to feel a bit lazy to dress up ever since I got a job? Although I could not give myself the blissfulness of the attire everyday, I pretty much excited to stock up my closet with some new items currently. I don't know what is happening with me, but I'm so happy knowing that by dressing up well, you'll be able to get the good mood that'll affect your work the whole day. 

But remember, even shopping for clothes needs a good financial strategy!


Photographed by : Gladys and Acil
Edited by : Me

high neck boxy top and zipper sling bag - ZALORA | knitted outer and lilac pants - gift | embroidered outer - thrift store |  boater hat - Tigate (ITC Mangga Dua) |  shoes - Topshop

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  1. love this look and photos! such a cute outfit with a modern twist :)

  2. Fun photos! I want you blush pink purse!


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