I bet every blogger knows that feeling when you really want to make a post about something on the blog, but actually it's not the perfect time and not supposed to be posted right away. So you'll have to wait. But things are getting complicated when the urge to post is very very big and you could not help it. It happens to me now, and in this case, what makes me feel a even ashamed is because it happens because of my own mistake.

You'll know if you followed my Instagram, that I had a Christmas party (which happened on 2015, yes, last year) with my blogger friends here in Jakarta. I had great party, warm friends, pleasant dinner and even pretty outfit. The joy is in the air. But I don't know what happened to me and just kinda forgot about it. Maybe I was just too enjoying it. And I supposed to write this post on last December. Not on March, when spring is getting sprung and people are enjoying ice creams on summer! Oh, I'm so sorry guys. I hope you don't mind with it. It's not like I don't have anything else to post. I just don't want it takes longer than this. Just so you know...

Photographed by : Acil
Edited by : Me

white blouse - PICNIC | white long vest (inner) - Attic Willow | white midi skirt - thrift store | shoes - Avocado Shoes |  square earrings - KLAR | white sling bag - ZALORA

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  1. so glad you posted these photos- better late than never


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