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Lately I found myself always ended up wearing this tee for almost any occasion. It's been one of my current favorites and I mix it up with almost everything, from those glamour pieces like velvet and lace to these comfy denim and vintage checked blazer I inherited from my grandma. If you know me, you probably will be surprised by the total amount of tees I've welcomed to my closet recently because honestly, I've never considered wearing any tees as part of my outfit before. Back then when I was in college, I was known as a 'vintage girl' whose clothes are mostly made of chiffon, lace, and anything pretty. But look at me now. I'm wearing Iron Maiden tee! Who would have ever thought? 

I think the term 'people do change' is totally true. You know, you can't stay as the 'current you' forever. I believe in changes for good, as long as it doesn't change our true selves and help us improved. We need changes so that we will know what works and doesn't work on us, in our lives. Change means letting ourselves splashed with new opportunities and see what we can achieve from there. Change means challenging ourselves to try on new things and never make regret as part of our live. And in this case, change is something I'm currently doing to see how far I can dress my self up as crazy as I need. Because hey, we only live once, so why do we limit ourselves? If dressing up is the way we show our true selves and have fun, then do it!

I'm lately tired of some people who only judge a person based on his/her look. If you see a girl dyed her hair pink, it doesn't instantly make her as a bad girl, no. If you see a boy wears heels, it doesn't mean you can't be friends with him just because he's different. I think the people who have done things like that deserve an applause because of the courage they have. Just so you know, changes are not always easy at first. It may make us nervous, or even scare some people off. But once we get through it, we will enjoy every tiny pleasure we get and appreciate things we've learned so far. I, too, am currently having this moment of truth.

The thing is, there's nothing wrong with changes. It doesn't need to be a huge one, because even in small changes we can learn something and also, have fun with it! Just keep try and try and try untill we get the one that suit us the most, the one that finally will make us say,"This is it, this is what I've been searching for and thank God I tried!" 

And oh, never change for the sake of other people! Change for ourselves because the one who are living it are our own selves. This is what I've always hold on, hehe.  

So I guess that's it for today. Thank you so much for reading my babbling and I hope you guys never get tired to visit! I'm not trying to patronizing here, just wanna let you guys know what I think about changes. If you have any stories about new things you try or any good changes that happen in your life, tell me, because I would love to hear it!

Photographed by : Cellia
Edited by : Me

band tee - I forgot the shop name, seriously! | ripped mom denim - Pull and Bear | checked blazer - inherited from grandma | sneakers - Amazara | micro backpack - Gogirl! 12th Anniversary Bonus | plunging earrings - Your Hands

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