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Bruno Mars

Ok,call me late or whatever but I can't resist the fact that I'm now officially freaking obsessed with this guy we all know as Bruno Mars! yeah,hello there mr.Mars! <3

When I listened to the song Nothin on You (B.O.B feat Bruno Mars),all I know is I just love that song without noticing who the guy that B.O.B featuring with is. I love Grenade and Marry You too though but I still don't really put any attention to him until I saw his newest MV on Youtube, It Will Rain. Damn it! He's too hot. Ok,he also got the beautiful voice.

I also saw this video Nothin on You in his own version :

Aww,it's just too cute! I even downloaded it in mp3 version just to make it easier to be listened to everyday hahaha. What makes me even more in love with him is his super awesome performances on stage. Never disappointing! (He also did a little 'Michael Jackson' moves here!)

I bet The Hooligans out there already saw these videos,right? Mind me if I'm late knowing about these cool facts of Mr.Mars ok?
Better late than never! 

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  1. hi there :) welcome to the hooligans family now! i am also one of them! it's good to see other hooligans around blogsphere~

    xoxo, nava

  2. Yeah, Bruno Mars is great. I'm obsessed with him too. he's very talented :)

    White Honeyr


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