Tjong A Fie Mansion part 2


Went to Tjong A Fie Mansion again but this time I went with these girls : Cellia (my sister) and Suzanne. I love this place and will never ever get bored with it. The culture mixture is clearly seen here. You can see the Malayan inspired windows assembled with a touch of Chinese culture as seen in the colour choices of the curtain and some furnitures. Well,I didn't take much pictures of the furnitures but maybe this post can help you to visualize the place  :) 

Cellia (left) and Suzanne (right) :)

Loving Suzanne's sweater guard so much and lucky her,she got it from her mom. It's pretty,right?

Anyway,last Sunday was the last day I met Suzanne because she already left Indonesia on Tuesday to study abroad in London. Yes baby,LONDON!! She took Fashion Design at Instituto Marangoni London. So cool I know I knoowww!! I'm so proud of her yet also envious at the same time. Hahaha. Good luck,Suzanne! I know your love and passion for fashion will bring you to success in the industry. I know you can. Ouuhh,so damn proud of you!! ♥     

So this is the end of my Tjong A Fie post. I recommend this place especially for you,tourists,because it's such a really cool place to visit when you are in Medan. I mean,there's so much vintage vibes you can get in this place. From the garden to the ballroom. You won't be disappointed! 

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  1. I love these photos. You girls are absolutely adorable and so well-dressed! It seems like where you visited sounds like a pretty entertaining and fun place to hang out and explore. :]

  2. WOW! i really wanted to visit tjong fie so much! wish i could go to medan. Love the vintage vibe!

  3. WHAT IS THIS PLACE--it looks really neat. Selalu suka tempat-tempat "kultural" seperti ini. Thanks for sharing, and you guys look great! <3

    Putri Soe

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  4. Love it, your vintage style and those pics are just amazing.

  5. Looks like an amazing place, your photos are so lovely and dreamy

  6. your friends and you look sooo adorable!

  7. omgggg such a vintage place! I'm dying to go to medan duh :""""""

  8. omg such a pretty place!
    and lovee your dress and outer, you look so cute :3

  9. wow i love this outfit. you look so awesome. every little piece is AMAZING.

  10. oh very good pics!
    it's my acc on facebook - join to me! I'm just getting started :)

  11. you girls are the cutest group! each of you is looking very stylish and wear the most adorable dresses/accessories. good luck to the fella who's studying in London! where's this place exactly?


  12. Nice outfits.
    I liked ur dress. So 60s.

  13. woooow you guys really cute !! love the vingtage place and outfit steff

  14. such a beautiful place! you both look so vintage and adorable<3

  15. aah bagus bgt tempatnyaa.. jadi pengen kesitu... >,<


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