The Pumpkin Girl


I know it's not Halloween yet but I just wanted to post something different on my blog. I'm not good in writing stories so just let the pictures do the talk :B

....or maybe I'll tell you just slightly....

Make sure you play the song I put under the first picture before read the whole post so that you'll get the feel (just in case you're really curious about my story :p)

Basically this is about Maia, a girl from an unsual family. Her father is a pumpkin-man, and her mother is a vampire. Well she has fangs, of course, you just cannot see it clearly because it's hidden in her mouth. She doesn't really like to show her fangs because she thinks that makes her look ugly (actually it's because I cannot find the perfect "fangs" while editing this picture, haha). Not too far from her house, there is a hideous forest where people usually stay away from it. Sure enough it's because it's creepy and cursed. But not for Maia. There's something enticing about it and she just happy being there. She likes to hang around and make friends with animals in the forest, especially birds and spiders. She's weird, I know. But don't you think birds are the amazing singers? And spiders, they just make the coolest webs ever. The strongest ones. Maia learns a lot from them. Well, for now there's nothing Maia wants except for one thing, that someday she'll have her own journey to the places she's never been, of course along with her beloved friends. Still waiting for the chance to come though. Hopefully soon.. 

headband - DIY | pumpkin plaid blazer - Grandma's | sheer floral cropped top - forgot where I got it, sorry | sheer ruffle cropped top - somewhere in Hong Kong | green skirt - Do More Shop | socks - my sister's | glittery heels - June and Julia

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  1. love ur top and blazer :) also cute edits!

  2. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it :)

  3. So pretty!

    xo Jennifer

  4. lol i read this while listening to the song, it's great song btw! and it matches the post haha:)) love the outfit! <3

  5. I absolutely love that green skirt - just oh so perfect!


  6. Karena gue takut sama yang serem2 (iya, serius) gue sempet nge-mute dulu videonya trus ngencengin volume pelan2. Turns out it's not that "scary" and it actually matches the story and the outfit photos! This is a really cool concept, Stef!! Would love to see more of this !

    Cheers from Jakarta,

  7. Sppoky song san.. but deeply mysterious! I love how you paired brick red with green... so pumpkinish <3

  8. love it like a pumpkin girl so creepy with Kimbra's song ! nice

  9. you are so lovely <3 love the pop color of ure skirt ;)
    following you now ! <3

  10. steff. keren postingannya! love the blazer <333

  11. Creepy-nya dapet banget kaka :)
    Anyway thanks for your comment, hehe :)

  12. It looks more like Christmas rather than pumpkin-themed.

    The banana heels remind me so much of Miu Miu's F/W 2011-2012 design. Cool. I like how you don't bother putting the blazer on and just draping it over your shoulders.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Hi Steffi, Thank you for the comment on my latest post.. nice to know you.
    I already love your blog since you featured on go girl! fashion tag goes to Hongkong.
    Btw, keep inspiring and wear vintage style :3

  15. oh dear, you are to cute to be Maia. You are way cuter than her I guess :D

  16. love your photos, the graphics are amazing as well as the outfit :)

  17. This is perfect. LOVING your blog...very refreshing style.


  18. These pictures are wonderful! Love the homemade hairband, it's incredible! Love how you've done this outfit post, looks like something straight off Rookie! Definitley following you and can't wait to see more cool stuff like this! xx

  19. totally love this outfit and the photos are super lovely

    style frontier

  20. simple but looked lovely


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