Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2014


Watching Java Jazz Festival is one of things I've been wanting to do ever since I made my mind to live in Jakarta one day. And finally, there I was! With my bestfriend, Gladys, we went to this uber cool event back then in February. It was the 10th year edition of JJF and we were so excited to visit shows of our favorite artists. Well, waaaay too excited!

But firstly first, here are the details of my outfit of the day!

Photographed by : Gladys 
Edited by : Me

hat - LM for Hardware | furry top, skeleton necklace & backpack - New Look | pants - Yuan (ITC Mangga Dua) | boots - Aniaki (IG : @aniaki_id)

The first show we watched was Tulus. I had never seen him directly like that soo.. I was a bit exaggerating and took too much pictures of him (yeah, I'm a fan girl!). And of course I enjoyed every single moment of him singing on stage! 

And here came the surprise... Raisa! I'm a fan of hers too. They sang John Legend's All of Me and it was sooo beautiful and sweet 

We also watched Dira Sugandi. She is one of a kind!

And finally... Incognito! The last show we watched before heading back to home because we were already too tired and sleepy, haha. 

And that's a wrap!

Have a great day, everybody! 

Photographed by : Me
Edited by : Me

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  1. red and white is perfect! love your top!! <3
    btw, tulus is my favorite!!! <333

    This is real and This is me

  2. hey! it's really a coincidence, my little sis name is Gladys too :) And she attended the JJF too :D
    Glad that you finally come to JJF and saw Tulus!

  3. aaaa java jazz!! :D
    love the red+white+black combo. perfect <33


  4. seems like a fun concert! love your top and boots, looking stunning <3

    Letters To Juliet

  5. That festival looks like so much fun! I love your outfit, the necklace is really pretty and you look good in red trousers :) xx

  6. Hey beauty you have a really nice blog,style and taste :) would you like if we follow each other on blog? let me know what do you think ? Regards from Bosnia ♥

  7. what a lovely Outfit
    i adore your red Pants, so eyecatchy <3

    btw. do you want to follow each other?!
    follow me and I will follow you back,
    if you want :D

    my Blog:

  8. I love ur festival look!!! And the event looks sooo good! :)


  9. Love the red pants! Reminds me that I should wear my red j brands. I'm a little disappointed that they've stretched out though, so they aren't very skinny. I'm not sure if a loose fitting bright jean looks all right :S Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog!


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