Indonesia Fashion Week 2014 - Laurier Thin Is In


The show I attended in Indonesia Fashion Week this year is the one sponsored by Laurier with the theme : Thin is In. Some local designers showed off their collection there, such as KLE, 8eri, Hunting Field, and Danjyo Hyoji. The show was amazing and the collections are all so inspiring that I cannot stop pressing my camera button to perpetuate them all in pictures. Here are some snapshots I took on the show. Hope you'll be inspired too! 



KLE's collection is mostly dominated with casual pieces in neutral colour palette, with a little twist of electric blue and pastel pink colours. In particular, I loved the camel coat shown on the last picture. It's just perfectly oversized and the balloon sleeve is just something I've been obsessed lately. 


What I love most about 8Eri's collection is that how comfortable it seems with all the loose cuttings and how you don't have to worry about your imperfect body because the clothes covered it all perfectly. Who doesn't love feeling comfortable and chic at the same time?  

Hunting Field

New fave creature on earth : JELLYFISH! I love how so under-the-sea-ish the collection is, and never thought that jellyfish print could be this marvelous. It looks like jellyfish has been taking over the throne of cuteness this time.  

Danjyo Hyoji

Inspired by fencing (at least that's how it looks like to me), the collection takes us into a different side of this swords fighting sport. I LOVE how every pieces look so neat, clean yet edgy at the same time. Not to mention that the caps and lacey masks successfully added some kind of mysterious vibes somehow, which I honestly love so much.

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