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Hi,lovelies! This is not an outfit post so now I'm going to share with you a little story of mine about my addiction (not really addicted actually,it's more like an amazement) with Gamaliel Tapiheru, an Indonesian Youtuber :)

So at last Friday night, me and my sister went to Bakoel Ubud - Sun Plaza with some friends (they're gamal freak also) to watch his performance,directly, for the first time. He came with Cantika (left) and Audrey (right),as seen at the picture above. Well,of course the girls were screaming hysterically when he arrived there,including me!We suddenly been so tacky at that time. Hahaha. I've actually never been such a lunatic of an artist like this before. It's all because his voice just like sent from heaven,i love it,and he's cute also! Woooooo... *.*

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