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chiffon midi skirt,cardi & bag - thrift store / cropped top - Bloom /  shoes - Petisah / socks - Sox Gallery

Okay,I know there are too much photos here but I just can't help myself to show you how happy I am wearing this skirt! I got it about last week, at thrift store of course (Yeah,most of things in my closet are from there),and then I decided to wear it to church yesterday for the first time.Yay! :D

This chiffon skirt has totally made me feel like a lady,seriously. (Okay,too much babbling again) I love the way it flew when the wind blew it. Plus, I feel taller when I wore it with the black socks :) And oh, about this cardi, I bought it at thrifted store too and don't tell me you don't love its paleness too! :p

Anyway,if you noticed, I've changed my blog name (again) from Nature Girl into The Daydreamer. I think it represents myself better.Why? It's so simple,because I used to daydream when I got nothing to do! :)

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  1. vintage as always huh? ;)
    great shots! <3


  2. i LOVE your rosette crop top! been searching for one too <3 thanks for visiting my blog! <3

  3. lovely top!
    you know what, i just bought exactly the same skirt like you have here, but just in different color, and you're so right, the fabric is just fantastic!

  4. love this look :)(
    esp i love the skirt, the cardigan and the bag :)
    you always look vintage and i adore it :)


  5. nice top..pretty look :)

    check out my blog if you're free

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  6. Love your outfit, great find with that skirt
    Thrift shopping is always the best
    I just posted an outfit post too
    You should check it out and follow back if you like :)

  7. cute vintage style, and i've been looking for a skirt like that for a while! maybe i should go vintage shopping soon for some sheer/chiffon skirts~

  8. Koleksinya bagus-bagus....

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    Fan Page :gee eight, Follow @geeeight

  9. I really love your skirt and knitted cardi.
    your haircut is so cute by the way <3


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