Another Ordinary Sunday


blouse,shoes, and bag - vintage / skirt - Kivee

Here comes another ordinary Sunday :) Today I wore my vintage blouse and paired it with the pleated skirt I got from Kivee (local store).What makes me happy today is this pleated skirt is the one that I've been searching for ages. I really need this kind of skirt so that I can pair it with many cute vintage blouses I have. This blouse is also one of my faves! I'll never let go of both of them ever! :D

Gavin Jasper - Beautiful Girl

Anyway,there's a good news for you the Giveaway Hunter!(lol) There's a giveaway from In Love with Fashion for you where you can win a dress of your choice. Just click here to find out about the giveaway :) 

and this is my choice 

Well that's all for today. Have a fun week,guys! 

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  1. loving your skirt, and also love your blog banner!

  2. it's funny, we had same haircut and skirt, hehehe. i love your top. first time visit and i love it. please visit mine if u don't mind :))


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