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Hello hello! Here comes another Sunday. Happy Sunday to you all! :) This is what I wore today. I actually was about to take outfit photos outside with my sister,but the weather today really sucks. It's almost raining everyday here, day and night! And we were unlucky today. *sigh*

Two days ago (on Friday exactly) I went thrifting with one of my besties,Gladys. Oh well,actually she's my-very-best-bestie to hunt for vintage stuffs. Sometimes I went with my sister too though. But our hunt yesterday was kind of different than before, I guess. So we went to our subscription store as usual but we find nothing. We were looking for some blouses and dresses,but we only found some tailored pants there. And the pants are way too expensive! Then we decided to look around another store. Walk walk walk. And finally we found a store which is selling vintage blouses with many cute pattern! So,what's the difference? Let me tell you. We were digging through tons of blouses there untill... there  were rain clothes emerged from the top! Well,not really a "rain clothes" literally. As a matter of fact, the seller just threw the clothes from the bag into the pile of clothes. But at that time I just felt like in heaven. You know,clothes here, clothes there *.* I wish I was really in heaven of clothes.

So this kimono outwear and blouse are two of my hunting results yesterday. I looove these babies so much! Feel so lucky to have them :) I also got two dresses, one is tweed dress (I guess) and some cute blouses! I how love thrift store so much!

thrifted from head to toe except for the stockings 

I'm planning to redesign my room but still don't know when to start. I need to convince my dad though. Once I got his "YES", I'll get my room plastered with floral wallpaper,muahahaha. And oh,I'm gonna need a lovely vintage photo frame too. Wish me luck,ok! :)

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  1. Hey! Sorry to appear like such a creeper, but I commented on this outfit on cictopia, looked at some of your other posts, and when I saw you had a blog I just HAD to check it out. You have such a cool fashion sense I am in love with all your vintage finds, and your so lucky to have quality thrift stores near by! Anyway, I'm your newest follower via bloglovin'. If you have time, I would love it if you stopped by my fashion blog. If you like it and decide to follow back, that would be lovely, but ONLY if you like it. I'm trying to build a following of people who genuinely care about what I write, not just people who pity me. Anyway, sorry to ramble. Hope to hear from you soon, and looking forward to more posts!




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