Mustard for Sunday


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So,another Sunday has come again. Happy Sunday to you all! This is my outfit when I went to church this morning as usual, cause I'm an organist in my church so there's no way I'm not going to church at least thrice in a month hahaha. 

As for my outfit today, I wore this mustard skirt that I got from thrift store about two months ago. This is the only 'mustard thing' that I have in my wardrobe. Well, I guess I need to hunt another mustard stuff at thrift store next time. Why thrift store? Because there are sooooo many adorable vintage stuff that I feel like in heaven everytime I'm going there. :)

Anyway, I'm so sorry for the bad quality picture. I'm actually disappointed too because I only used a camera pocket so that the mustard color isn't explored well enough. :(

Anyway, been searching for some pretty boater hats like these :

Boater Hat

Once again, have a great Sunday,lovelies!

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  1. hello sweetie, love the mustard color <3
    check out my new post! :D

    sweet and sugars,

    see you

  2. i love your outer and your bag sista :)

    please visit mine!

  3. Really nice outfit !

  4. I love going to a thrift store too! love your skirt :)

  5. Love ur outfit! the bag , the jersey..everything looks perfect! And the tights are great! cute blog :)

    check out my blog if u want to xx

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog! Love yours! And that skirt! x


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