Featured : GoGirl! Magazine August 2011 Rated Stylish


Hi all! Just wanted to share that I happen to be on the GoGirl! Magazine August 2011 edition in Rated Stylish page! I was so excited when Media Friesna from the Fashion Department contacting me to let me know about the amazing feature. You know, GoGirl! has been my fave magazine all the time ever since I was in high school. I feel so honored,really! My family also got excited about this feature and you know what? My dad even brought the magazine to his office for just letting his coworkers know that his daughter,is on the magazine. I'm extremely happy to make my family proud of me. :) 

So sorry for the late update,guys. I actually just got the magazine yesterday. I even got this magazine at the second store that I visited. And since I live in Medan, the magazine arrived a little bit late.

Soooo,that's all for today's post. Once again,I'm sooooo extremely happy to be featured on GoGirl! Magazine. Really really really feel blessed! Thank you so much,GoGirl!!! :D

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  1. well done. i love your vintage style! :)

  2. heyy i like ur pants <3 where did u get them?

  3. You have such a unique and vintage style!
    I love the matching pink cardigan and floral shorts.:)



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