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Corinne Bailey Rae - Closer

I have been lately loving to wear sweaters with collars although i can not always wear this kind of ensemble everyday, since i live in tropical country where sun shines everyday. But today the weather is cold enough so i could put on this lovely sweater :') 

And oh,finally we got something to do during the holiday. Guess what? Driving lessons,yay! (Finally! -___-) The lessons started at Friday ago and honestly, I was afraid initially since i've never been driving any vehicles except bike hahaha. And the last time I ride a bike is when I was twelve years old so it's been like 9 years ago :p But I guess everything turned out well since there's nothing bad happened and I colud drive the car smoothly and slowly hahaha.

Anyway,this sweater is from my mom's closet. Totally love the color tone! :)

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sweater - mom's closet / skirt,top,skirt and bag - thrift store / black satin heels - June and Julia

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  1. I love your sweater ! So cool ! :)

  2. Amazing outfit. I love that sweater and teamed with the skirt they make a great pair.

    Well done for being brave with your driving lesson :)

  3. lovely lovely lovely! <3
    totally in love with this combination <3

    Journal J

  4. That sweater is simply amazing! I'm completely in love with it!

    -Laura xoxo

  5. Love this outfit! Amazing! I'm following your blog now and love your Lookbook looks!:)xoxo


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