Current Style Crush : Kimbra


Is it late to make a post about her? Her style and music,both have caught my attention. Wow. Couldn't describe how much I love her! If only I could make a poem about her...haha. 

The first video I saw was Settle Down. I love the way she do that quirky moves on the video and that burned porcelain dolls moment is just super cool. And she made the young girls acted as adults. Interesting,right? After that I started to look for another videos of her and next thing I knew I'm already falling in love with her.

I've listened to almost all of her songs and I must say they all are far from monotonic impression. Everytime I jump from one song to another one,I always found new vibes that make me want to hear it again and again. Also it makes me wondering about another surprises I'll get when I hear another songs. It's just so crazy.

Another reason why I love her is also because she often wears those uh-mazing dresses when she's on stage. From 50's dresses to  a designer's dress made exclusively for her. And that hair. That mid length curly hair she has is something that makes her whole look even more peculiar. And I love it.  

Well,I think I should stop babbling now. Hahaha. Enjoy these pictures I got from random sources (you can see the sources by right clicking the picture) and some of my favourite Kimbra music videos. And oh,let me know if you are also a fan of Kimbra so maybe we can share our interest,or maybe sing her song together. I'm serious :B 

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  1. oh my god she is amazing! love her jai'me lee dresses (i think thats how you spell it)

  2. I love her songs and her kooky style!!

  3. Well, Kimbra is cute and beutiful indeed. Some of my friends cut their hair like her. :)

  4. Ahhh, I LOVE Kimbra. She's amazing, I cannot get enough of her style. She is also basically the only human being who could halfway convince me that I should chop my hair off!


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  6. Her style kind of reminds me of Katy Perry's!



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